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Call for a demonstration in Berlin to support Farhad Matin's right for being refugee

Farhad Matin is a political activist who born in Iran from Afghani parents. Iranian Government Ignores his rights and didn't give him any right of living just because his parents are Afghanis, but he found his Identity in the workers and Left movements, with other activists in Iran. Police of Iran chased him because of his activities and he had to leave the country.
But in Europe, Norway government with the same racist laws that Islamic republic has against thousands of people like Farhad, refuses to give him the main right which is the right of living. As they can't give him back to the Iranian government, they want to deport him to Afghanistan, with the excuse of his parents being Afghans, they want to deport him to a country that he has never been there. Norway government knows that Islamic political Mafia in Afghanistan doesn't tolerate the progressive energy and icon like Farhad Matin. Norway government knows that the Islamic republic's forces can hunt and catch its oppositions in Afghanistan. European government knows these information pretty well as they always have had a direct role in the creation and stability of the islamic political mafia in Afghanistan. European governments such as Noway for many times have criticised the Iranian government for deporting afghan's refugees, but now it seems that European governments think that they are legitimate to do the same.
The striking refugees in Berlin, will demonstrate in front of the Norway embassy in solidarity with "Farhad Matin's refugee right" campaign. This voice is for rights, voice of resistance, voice of the refugees in the protest camp in Oranien Platz.