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Update on "Solidarity Alarm for donation": To all the people who received our call

French: "Alarme de solidarité pour des dons": à toutes les personnes qui ont reçu notre appel
Greek: «Έκκληση για δωρεά»

"Solidarity Alarm for donation": To all the people who received our call

We cannot pretend to have a progressive Movement without the political autonomy of the Refugee/Migrant grassroots Movements to define and control their spaces.

Let's make our continuity be the first choice for justice in the defense of our core values.

Taking our struggles beyond political socialization of the oppressed community is a task ahead of us.

Do you stand up with us?

Please start now to donate regularly to The VOICE Refugee Forum! Our struggle is for political autonomy. We must reach the economic independence of the refugee community without the implication and influence of state institutions. Their systemic and systematic policies of migration, deportation, and isolation are leading to deaths and abuses of millions of refugees. If we cooperate with them we close our eyes and accept their crimes. It is time to break this cooperation of silence!

Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
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We are still very confident with our work to say that many of you in our mailing lists already know about The VOICE engagement for decades now.

We call on all us activists, supporters, and friends here to look in the mirror and say to ourselves that we can change the status quo of the deportation regime sustained by global apartheid against refugees and migrants.

It is worrisome that shortly before the election in Germany in 2017, until today, our public donations to The VOICE Refugee Forum have been reduced to the minimal. We see this as a sign that the gap between the left and right political spectrum is rapidly becoming closer, leading to more racial violence, deportation, and discrimination of refugees in Germany and all the other western countries.

The German economic boom means once again more borders instead of the promised civilization that should bound all people of the world together. It is common saying in African countries that when elephants fight, the ground, the forest grass, and trees around them will suffer! We also know that we are not one of the elephants and whether the western world warmongers fight or not, the refugees and oppressed people in their communities will continue to suffer.

The change we want is in ourselves and we know that many are not expected to demand any change even when the right of the refugee to escape from their wounded existence is being threatened with abolition. Our activities as The VOICE REFUGEE FORUM activists in the refugee community is being threatened and damaged.

It is important you donate to our struggles for Autonomy!

It is important to notice that we are fulltime voluntary activists.
No activist within our circles is employed or paid for the daily engagements in The VOICE Refugee Forum as we are an independent network without alliances to any state run institution. We do not work to earn any prize but we work to earn the refugee community existence and presence. Therefore we work for all of us!

What The VOICE network receives as donations are strictly for public interest and for the transparency of our struggles for Justice and for the refugee political agenda and community networking in safety and independence in social security in Germany.

...Today more than ever, we have to do more than before.

For most of us, much has not changed, if anything the situation is worse. We have been reduced to numbers. This offense happens because we are limited in resources and our political tools of resistance.

Crisis of racism in Europe: Refugee-Migrants struggles is the solutions.

Most protests of the non-refugees and supporters struggles are often polarized to dominate and to neglect the autonomous struggles of the refugees political communities. Even demonstrations and Conferences continue to ignore the refugee community agenda for autonomy and liberation. We are resolute that the community agenda for autonomy and liberation is the Challenge of our Time! Taking our struggles beyond political socialization of the oppressed community is a task ahead of us.

We want to thank you all who donated and supported The VOICE Refugee Forum Network until now and hope you continue doing that.

We need your donations to change something!
Our autonomy and liberation will be the victory against our obliteration!

The VOICE Refugee Forum

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