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Blog entryDemo in Solidarität‬ mit den vom “Denkmal für die im Nationalsozialismus ermordeten Sinti und Roma” geräumten Roma voice01 hour 26 min ago
Blog entryNews: Read more on EU Animal Farm Democrazy for Pro-Colonial Injustice and Corruption voice09 hours 35 min ago
Blog entryGovernment of Germany must stop all kind of support to the government of Khartoum voice09 hours 54 min ago
Blog entryRefugee Agenda: For life decided by our own in freedom and in human dignity voice01 day 7 hours ago
Blog entryPress Statement by Roma Thüringen: All Romanies have to leave – the consequences of the sharpened asylum law voice04 days 20 hours ago
ImageBericht von der Besetzungsaktion des Jenaer Linkspartei-Büros gegen die Massenabschiebungen unter der Thüringer Linksregierung voice01 week 23 hours ago
Blog entry Dr. Maqsud Aghayevs Gerichtsverhandlung am 18. Mai 2016 in Apolda wurde abgesagt und die Sache zu den Akten gelegt voice01 week 1 day ago
ImageRoma Aus Serbien In Jena: Dragan und Branka Mit Deren Tochter Katarina Abgeschoben Werden voice01 week 1 day ago
Blog entryPressemitteilung von Roma Thüringen: Alle Roma müssen gehen – die Konsequenzen der Asylrechtsverschärfungen voice01 week 1 day ago
Blog entryDr. Maqsud Aghayev's court hearing for tomorrow the 18.05.2016 in Apolda has been cancelled and closed voice01 week 5 days ago
ImageBreak Deportation Protest in Solidarity with Dr. Maqsud Aghayev in Jena and Apolda voice01 week 5 days ago
Blog entryAudience au tribunal: La Cour administrative allemande décidera sur la protection ou la mort de Wantchoucou en Magdeburg voice02 weeks 20 hours ago
Blog entryGericht Anhörung: Deutschland Verwaltungsgericht Magdeburg wird entscheiden über den Schutz oder Tod des S. Wantchoucou voice02 weeks 21 hours ago
Blog entryCourt Hearing: The German Administrative Court will Decide on Wantchoucou's Protection or Death on 19.05.2016 in Magdeburg. voice02 weeks 21 hours ago
Blog entryAfter Broadcast: Reeboot Fm Radio Show - NO Refugee is Criminal Part 2 (14.05.2016) voice02 weeks 1 day ago
Blog entryBreak Isolation – Refugee Protest March from Würzburg to Berlin! voice02 weeks 4 days ago
Blog entryWhy We Fight To Stop Deportation By Occupation of Die Linke Party Office in Jena voice02 weeks 4 days ago
Blog entryAmadu Osmanu needs our HELP! French Deportation Business with Activist from Mali deported to Ghana. voice02 weeks 5 days ago
ImageFreedom Fighters Gambia Call For The Release Of Political Prisoners voice02 weeks 6 days ago
Blog entryReboot fm 14.05.2016, at 7pm/um 19:00 Uhr: NO REFUGEE IS CRIMINAL! - KEIN FLÜCHTLING IST KRIMINELL! Part2 voice02 weeks 6 days ago
Blog entryThe Refugee Power Matters: There cannot be real struggle without the community of the oppressed voice03 weeks 6 hours ago
Blog entryAnti-Abschiebe-Protest in Solidarität mit Dr. Maqsud in Jena und Apolda voice03 weeks 10 hours ago
ImageFreedom now, Refugee Power Matters! Mbolo Yufanyi - Quotes on Africa and Refugee Resistance voice03 weeks 6 days ago
ImageRefugee: “The Emerging Welcome Culture: Solidarity instead of Paternalism” Commentary by Sunny Omwenyeke voice04 weeks 16 hours ago