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Invitation: Refugee Black Box SOLIDARITY Activists in Munich on 19.08.2017

Refugee Black Box SOLIDARITY in Munich on 19.08.2017

Support needed! Who is coming to Munich?
We Need Donation!!
Information on Finance and on Mobilization will be updated for publishing as the protest continue.
On Sierra-Leone Refugee Bavaria-wide protest and demonstration with Conference and Cultural event which will be taking place in Munich on 19.08.2017

African Refugees fight back in Munich: Organized by Sierra-Leone Refugee in Bavaria Germany

Stop deportations“ Abolish the Dublin System! Freedom of movement for all!


Refugee BLACK BOX Activists invited in Munich on 19.08.2017
Bavaria - Refugee Migrants Political Community Movement

Refugee Resistance and Protest Against Deportation for the Dignity of humans and for our Security in Germany.

We want to protest together against deportations and the Dublin-System.

“They destroy human dignity. In the German asylum system and the Dublin-System there is no freedom of movement. People are prisoners without freedom. This life destroys the mental health of the people and leads them into prostitution and criminal act." by Organizers of
Sierra Leone United Association in Germany and in the support with activists of Sierra Leone Refugee Community in Bavaria with The VOICE Refugee Forum Network Thueringen, Berlin and Bavaria @Solidarity#RefugeeBlackBox

We joined the Organizers of Sierra Leone United Association in Germany's demand to stop deportations and abolish the Dublin System: “Freedom of movement for all!"

We are resisting the injustice of deportation. We are collectively criminalized as refugees to become the crimes of deportation regimes in Europe because being a refugee is already a crime. We are criminalized to be deported before they know our names in forced return deportation.

We are demanding for immediate protection of refugee in freedom and for all rights to freedom of movement:

Stop Deportation and Stop Dublin Deportation Policies!
Fight against colonial Injustice!
Break Deportation for Freedom of Movement.
Our freedom is a movement.
Use your rights to freedom of movement!

Our democracy now!
All activists that are against deportation are invited to support our protest against Deportations for public interest and security!!

Demonstration Against Deportations on 19.08.2017 at 1pm - 4pm
in Munich Central Train Station, Germany

Later: Workshops with activists and participants of Refugee-Migrants Political Community Movement Activism Germany

Organizers: Sierra Leone United Association in Germany

Stop deportations! Abolish the Dublin System! Freedom of movement for all!