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Deportations: Police raid in the Deggendorf Transitzentrum

Massive Police raid in Refugee Receiption in Deggendorf - Bavaria.

Deportation is Human Rights Abuse!!!

Please spread this call widely!

Yesterday there was a massive raid and arrest of refugees by the Bavarian riot police in the refugee receception centre in Deggendorf and in the lager in Hengersberg

In Deggendorf a family of 4 refugees from Azerbaijan and 2 refugees from Sierra-Leone were arrested for deportation.

In Hengersberg at about 3am on the same day Mrs Adama Kamara, 20 years old and a mother of a child and with a pregnancy of 8 months, was arrested and is now being detaineed in the Erding woman deportation prison pending on court decision tomorrow to deport her back to Italy.

Please write and spread your proteststatement!

You can contact in Hengersberg/Deggendorf: Mohamed Idrissa Diallo, Tel.: 0049 (0) 160 4894241

The VOICE Refugee Forum

Link to the news reports in German:

Here is a news report on Monday, 14.05.2018

Translation from the article of the Passauer Neue Presse deggendorf/2945714_Police_deliberations_in-Deggendorfer-Transitzentrum.html

Deportations: Police intervention in the Deggendorf Transitzentrum

During the night of Monday, police officers arrested several persons from the Transitzentrum in Deggendorf, who are due to be deported.

A major police operation took place at the Transitzentrum in Deggendorf during the night of Monday. Several asylum seekers from Sierra Leone and Azerbaijan, who are to be deported to other EU countries, have been detained. According to police, a family from Azerbaijan was deported without incident. Applications for deportation warrants against three asylum seekers from Sierra Leone have been filed. One man is in the county hospital for treatment.

According to PNP information, police operations began around 3:30 a.m. and lasted about two hours. Numerous emergency vehicles and dog handlers were on site.

The asylum seekers from Azerbaijan - a family with children aged 16 and 14 - were to be transferred to Slovakia. The asylum seekers from Sierra Leone, a 21-year-old woman with a four-year-old child and four men, were to be transferred to Italy. The Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) had established that the persons from Sierra Leone and the family from Azerbaijan had entered the EU via Italy and Slovakia. These were deportation measures within the framework of the so-called Dublin III agreement, press officer Lankes explained. The agreement stipulates that refugees can only apply for asylum in the country where they first arrived.

19-year-old injures himself

According to the police, the detention and transfer of the family from Azerbaijan took place without incident. A 19-year-old asylum seeker from Sierra Leone injured himself while being detained and was taken to hospital for treatment. In the course of the hospitalization, which was accompanied by police forces, he massively resisted against the police officers. Because of his self-inflicted injuries, he was treated in a hospital and subsequently admitted to a district hospital.

Three deportation arrest warrants against asylum seekers from Sierra Leone

The 21-year-old asylum seeker from Sierra Leone resisted her detention and had to be tied up by the emergency services. The woman was examined by a doctor, an injury could not be detected. The Central Foreigners Authority of Lower Bavaria has filed deportation warrants against the 19-year-old asylum seeker and the 21-year-old asylum seeker from Sierra Leone with the Deggendorf District Court.

Following the detention, the police inspected the accommodation in cooperation with staff of the government of Lower Bavaria. One of the asylum seekers to be deported was found in another room of the accommodation and taken into custody. Since he resisted his repatriation at the airport, the Central Aliens Department applied for a deportation warrant at the Erding District Court.

Two other asylum seekers from Sierra Leone could not be found. Police forces were not injured during the operation