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RefugeeBlackBox: We are mobilizing mapping our resistance to oppose and to expose the government injustice

Bring Solidarity for Refugee_Black_Box Jena
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We have our history
Our presence is dignity
We will reclaim our autonomy

We are mobilizing mapping our resistance to oppose and to expose the government injustice of the deportation regimes in German and Europe and on the refugees and migrants struggles before and now in Germany

*Solidarity aganda of communities by the refugee migrants community, activities, actions, meetings and the solidarity with the Manifestaion of the Refugee Black Box landing in Jena,

Thursday, 04.- 07.October 2018
The VIOICE Refugee Forum - Community Network

......Knowing our struggles and solidarity is mapping our resistance.

Much is hidden from the crimes of injustice by the government deportation regimes. Bring Solidarity to #refugee_blackBox

„Since October, 1994: The struggles of refugee resistance and Justice is by our continuity in Germany

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Refugees' Endless Struggles For Freedom of Movement and against:
Deportation | Colonial Injustice | Racism | Racial Violence | Social Exclusion |

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Refugee Black Box Agenda: Presence is Dignity! Our Position is our political autonomy!! Lets empower self-determination to oppose the oppressesion. It is a political tool to reclaim the power of our poltical autonomy to oppose the deportation regime. We have our history!

We demand from the solidarity struggle for collective response to oppose the deportation regimes.
Refugee Black Box Agenda, 4.-7.2018
Yearly event in October in Jena Geramny


In Solidarität,
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