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RefugeeBlackBox Installation Workshops Fabrik 5th-17th March 2019 in Eisenberg

To refugee activists and supporters – We are coming to you!

#RefugeeBlackBox Installation Workshops Fabrik 5th-17th March 2019 in Eisenberg

Empowering the tools of our political struggle defines our actions!
Your knowledge is your Black Box!

The #RefugeeBlackBox is a political tool to expose and protest the injustice with your hands, brains and hearts and in solidarity with the oppressed refugees‘ struggles.
Join us to produce the #RefugeeBlackBox and empower your box with statements on the crimes and violations on refugees and migrants rights:
Your cry for justice and against the injustice against the refugees.
Your positions and demands will make part of the million x #RefugeeBlackBox.
Speak out! I speak, you speak, we speak and many many more people will speak in million x solidarity.
Revolution can be planned! Sharing is caring!

Workshop Topics - We will discuss about developing #RBB installation and on the presentation of campaigns and protests actions.

- Installation workshops: Open space lnstallation: Action forms and refugee lagers.

- Racism is killing: Our demands and protest actions in Apolda and other refugee lagers: 5 deaths from refugees‘ social exclusion and the trauma of deportation in Apolda.

- Break the culture of deportature – all about deportation.

- The selected 32 Slogans of the #RefugeeBlackBox installation from the 24th anniversary of The VOICE, October 2018 in Jena.

- Boxes and T-Shirt installations: graphic slogans, hand prints in cartons, plastics, canvas and other materials.

- Break Deportation Network solidarity concert in Erfurt, 2nd May 2019.

- Inputs on evaluation meeting of the #RefugeeBlackBox in October 2018 which will take place 5th to 7th April 2019 in Jena.

- #RBB documentation media.

Next Events of The #RefugeeBlackBox:

MaRch - Installation Workshops Fabrik: 15th-17th March 2019 in Eisenberg.

apRIl - 1st Nationwide Evaluation meeting of #RefugeeBlackBox Installation and Action Forum: 5th-7th April 2019 Jena.

May - Concert with „Die Goldenen Zitronen“: 2nd May 2019 in Erfurt. Reclaim your dignity and unite against deportation.

- Break Deportation Network Solidarity donation to The VOICE #RefugeeBlackBox Installations.

OctOBER - Nationwide #RefugeeBlackBox Installation in October 2019: Discussion on the daily activism of #RBB.


To refugee activists and supporters – We are coming to you!

We call for donation and support in our struggle to organize in the refugee community of migrants in Germany to fight against deportation and against colonial injustice, for as long as it takes us to reclaim the justice in dignity of equals. It is racism and it is a crime of colonial injustice! Fight, Break it and Stop the deportations and colonial injustice!

#RefugeeBlackBox is a Revolutionary Solidarity Act to speak out and act together – a powerful tool of our political struggle – nationwide and beyond. We call on Refugees to check and look out for their Black Box locations.

Make Donation To The #RefugeeBlackBox Solidarity!

Our activities are financed by private donation and by Solidarity initiatives only.

The VOICE Refugee Forum Bank account:
RBB Solidarity @ The VOICE e V. IBan: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29

„Our demands may be challenging but so are our challenges demanding!“ | #refugeeblackbox