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RefugeeBlackBox Community information on 26.10.2019 at 4.30 pm in Rudolstadt

RefugeeBlackBox Community information event on 26.10.2019 at 4.30 pm in Rudolstadt.

As part of an awareness and information about the rights and duties of migrants the VOICE refugee organization supports migrants from Germany and Europe in collaboration with migrants from Gotha and Waltershausen organizes an awareness tour and information on 26.10.2019 in the localities of Rudolstadt and Saalfeld Saale from 4.30 pm. The presence of all and everyone is keenly desired.

Orgainizers' ontacts: Francois Djebi. téléphone :+4915217579458 und Chantal : Tra lou Allemagne +49 1521 3756890

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