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Let's Mobilize to Jena: The VOICE 25th Anniversary of Refugee Struggle in Germany

Make your Flyer - The VOICE 25th Anniversary of refugee struggle in Germany! Mobilize and Come to Jena.
We invite you to join us in celebrating our 25th anniversary!

Call to participate in the preparation of the 25th anniversary and call for participation in the celebration on the 6th and 7th of December 2019 in Jena

You are part of this history - A quarter of a century since the break-up of isolation
25. The VOICE Refugee Forum Silver Jubilee Anniversary, 1994 – 2019
Founded in Mühlhausen and Established in Jena / Thueringen

The VOICE Refugee Forum for a quarter of a century is still at the forefront of dignity and self-determination, carrying a heavy burden of a quarter of a century - because many have been relieved of their journey - many have been able to find their place, a heavy burden must be placed on the ground so as not to lose themselves as a source for the next RefugeeBlackBox.

Breaking the Culture of Deportation - Deportation is the last ring of the slavery chain | RefugeeBlackBox - Solidarity (Initiated in 2017)

You are part of this history as you are part of the future, do not forget yourself and neither the one who needs support in his struggle.

How to contribute: Contribute to The VOICE's jubilee, choose and send a photo on The VOICE for the public exhibition, contribute to the RefugeeBlackBox. Refugee and migrants' activists and asylum seeker activists are invited and everyone is welcome to give a few words about their experiences and their testimonies in the box. We have all it takes for peoples' new world order of solidarity with the refugee!
Every refugee is the story of RefugeeBlackBox-installation, it is also a certain power of knowledge and the wisdom to find your fight; to empower your presence and your issues in solidarity with the refugee struggles and movements.

Stop deportation! Defend the RefugeeBlackBox Solidarity, your silence is killing!
Each Deportation stop pulls down the mask, that covers the human face!
The fight against deportation and isolation has always been in the center of The VOICE‘s political activism. Fighting deportation means fighting against nationalism, white supremacy, and colonial racist injustice!

Next step:
Arrival on Thursday 5 December 2019
Starts on Friday, December 6, 2019 at 10:00 am: Video installation "RBB" in the HolzMarkt Jena:
- The VOICE Symposium on refugee grassroots community "Assembly" in Germany
- FightBack! Disrupt, disobey and organise against the regulated Dublin-deportations of refugees from Germany!
Saturday, 7 December 2019: Presentation | RefugeeBlackBox Parade | Music | Gyration and Performance

There will be a RefugeeBlackBox parade against the deportation crimes and against the colonial racism of Europe on 7th Saturday, December 2019. Calling for decentralized RefugeeBlackBox installation or info event before in the run-up of the December events.

The VOICE Refugee Forum Germany
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