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"German asylum policy and its deadly consequences" (1993 to 2008)

New release! 16 th updated edition of the documentation Berlin, 01/03/2009

"German asylum policy and its deadly consequences" (1993 to 2008)

The content and focus of the documentation are injured or dead refugees who would have remained unhurt without the racist special jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany or the racism of its society. The documentation shows in approximately 5000 single incidents the consequences of governmental and social racism for the people concerned. In their singularity as well as in their entirety, they are proof for the false testimony of the federal government in the Universal Periodic Review before the United Nations’ Human Rights Council in February.

An excerpt of the periodic review claims that the rights set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights were valid for everyone, not simply on paper but also as part of the “daily law in action”.
It is a fact that German legal reality in itself disregards the human rights of refugees and denies a self-determined, humane life and a right to residence to most by the means of special laws. Additionally, the administrative reality makes the sojourn –adhering to politically defined objectives - unbearable to the people concerned.
Blackmail, harassment and fraud but also clan liability, family separations or the imprisonment of minors are some of the measures used by the state and its compliant employees to force refugees into “voluntary” departures.
The effects on the affected are devastating. Years without any prospects for the future and existential fear result in grave traumatizations of the refugees and their families. And when people are simply too sick to be deported and no decent physician, who announces them fit to travel, can be found the authorities hire “fit-to-fly” doctors. In exchange for a bounty, critically ill patients are cleared for deportation by such medics – contrary to all other expertise. The borders to malicious injury are crossed in this procedure and people receive injections until they constitute no more “disturbance”. Other physicians appear at the hospital bed with police at their side and give the order to let patients be carried away.

Political aim of the federal government: Refugees in the country? As few as humanly possible!

According to data published by the Federal Ministry of the Interior 130.023 people currently hold a precarious residence permit status and live under a state sponsored pressure to leave the country. Whoever cannot bear this any longer goes into hiding and tries to survive without identification. This “paperless” state – and thus, being subjected to arbitrariness and denunciation without any legal protections – is inhabited by at least half a million people.
But even the few refugees who have managed to receive a resident status are not left alone. In 2008, 5.800 people had their status revoked through cancellation procedures, and 31.000 cases are undergoing review at the moment. The terror continues for these people as well.

The documentation covers the period from 1/1/1993 to 31/12/2008.

175 refugees died on their way to the Federal Republic of Germany or at its borders,
131 of them died at the German Eastern border,
480 refugees suffered injuries crossing the borders, 295 of them at the German Eastern border
150 refugees killed themselves in the face of their impending deportation or died trying to escape from deportation,
56 of them while in custody pending deportation
814 refugees injured themselves out of fear of deportation, in protest against the impending deportation (risk hunger strikes)
or tried to commit suicide, 492 of them in custody pending deportation,
5 refugees died during deportation and
371 refugees were injured by compulsory measures or mistreatment during their deportation,
31 refugees died in their country of origin after their deportation, and
462 refugees were mistreated and tortured by the police or military in their country of origin
or were at the risk of their lives due to severe illnesses,
70 refugees disappeared without a trace after their deportations,
14 refugees died during police assignments independent from deportation
417 were injured by the police or custody staff, 130 of them during arrest,
67 refugees were killed in fires or other attacks on refugee accommodation centres
761 refugees were injured, in part severely,
15 refugees died through racist attacks on the street and
744 people were injured.

Since 1993 at least 375 refugees have died as a result of measures taken by the German Federal Republic –
82 people died through racist attacks and arsons on refugee accommodations.

The documentation contains two books. Both books are available for 18 € plus 3.20 € for shipping & handling.
BOOK 1 (1993 – 1999) 6 € for 174 pages – BOOK 2 (2000 – 2008) 11,40 € for 270 pages plus 1.60 € for shipping & handling each. (15th edition currently available online)

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