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The VOICE Refugee Forum in Germany
The right to live a free life in dignity for all

20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany
1994 – 2014

Refugee Women Initiative Stuttgart

Refugee Women Initiative Stuttgart

The 15th month of battle in Hamburg // Der 15. Monat des Kampfes in Hamburg

Witnesses of war 'Lampedusa in Hamburg

Veröffentlicht am 22.07.2014

The 15th month of battle in Hamburg

The ignorance atmosphere by the laws reached one after another in Hamburg. First the senat, then the politicans, these days the media, and tomorrow, maybe everyone.
„Lampedusa" is more heard in projects, or in schools, by academics and artist, rather than of those whoe brought this name in the city.

Listen to/ Hört THE VOICES - FM 88,4 MHz in Berlin & 90,7 MHz in Potsdam

Great show! Beautiful moment of strength.

20 Years of The VOICE Refugee Forum - 20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany

The VOICE, OUR VOICE will forever be OURS and can never be silenced!!!
20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany

Co-ordination meeting of the activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena

The silent war and the daily persecutions against refugees in Europe
Discussion on the isolation of Refugee Struggles in our communities:

Demonstration in solidarity with the refugees -July 1st at 10:00 am from Rotes Rathaus.

Demonstration in solidarity with the refugees -July 1st at 10:00 am from Rotes Rathaus.

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Dear parents, dear children, dear school communities,

Tomorrow on Tuesday, July 1st a school strike is taking place in solidarity with people who have fled from their overseas homes to seek safety in Germany.

Bruxelles Demo 26.6.2014

Refugees Migrants Sans Papiers from Belgium, France, Germany, Holland, Italy, gathered together in Brussels at the arrival of the March for Freedom from Strasbourg to Brussels. Different political languages, backgrounds and trajectories met in this action week 22 to 28 of June. Basis are there for transnational connections challenging the order of the criminal European border regime.

Dublin 3 - Video testimonies of refugees

Please find below the first three video testimonies about the tortures inflicted by the border Italian police to refugees, at their entrance in Schengen space, in order to take their fingerprints. This is Dublin 3.

Refugees School Occupation in Berlin: Politik + Polizei räumen von Refugees besetzte Schule in Berlin

Statement der Refugees, die in der Schule verbleiben:
The Declaration of Refugees from the Roof of the Occupied School building in Berlin


International Migrants Alliance (IMA)-Europe chapter

25 June 2014

The International Migrants Alliance ( IMA) expresses its firm solidarity for the March for Freedom of asylum seekers, refugees and migrants, activists and advocates which culminates tomorrow 26th of June with a protest demonstration in Brussels, Belgium against the inhumane laws and policies on asylum and migration of the European Union.

Paying for German Residenzflicht means legitimation of Apartheid rule

As Refugee Activists from Schwabisch Gmünd, we stand to ignore any law that disrespect our bona-fide rights and demand the full abolition of the Apartheid Residenzflicht Law in Germany.

Paying a dime for our right to freedom of movement means complementing and legitimating of racial discrimination and colonial injustice.

We the refugees from Schwabisch Gmund were racially profiled by the Police in thüringen as we travelled to participate in a conference organised by the VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena on 17th April 2014.

A tragic story of a refugee from Kosovo


On the 24th May, a 28-year old Kosovar, called Muslim H. in the media, died in a jail in Landshut, Germany, after a physical conflict with eight guards. He had been imprisoned after hijacking a plane to avoid his deportation back to Hungary, where he entered Europe.

Blockage of the Italian delegation to March for Freedom to Brussels, 5 arrested in France

It is confirmed in the meanwhile, that the 5 comrades, who have been arrested at the italian- french border (See below) are free and the two busses from italy continued their tour to the camp in brussels.

Obi Adindu has been released from the Psychiatric Hospital this morning

The doctor on duty made no objection as the coordinating activist of The VOICE Refugee forum appeared this morning at the Psychiatric Hospital to demand his immediate release.

The Doctor in charge explained that the reason for his being brought there was based on his pronouncement to commit suicide and confirmed the readiness to released him if Obi agrees also to go with the Activist.

Based on the reporting on the situation of Obi Adindu, an anonymous person has volunteered to pay for the operation at any cost it will take.

En/Dt: Nigerian Refugee Obi Adindu locked up indefinately in the Psychiatrics Hospital in Günzburg.

Obi Adindu has since Tuesday 17.06.14 been locked up indefinately in the Psychiatrics Hospital in Günzburg.

He was picked up with the Ambulance together with Police presence as he visited his doctor on appointment that morning in Nördlingen.

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