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The VOICE Call for donation: Free Felix Otto! - Protest aginst the district Pass Law for refugess in Germany.

Pls. Donate: Abolishing Residenzpflicht Campaign Needs Money!
Campaign against "Residence Obligation" for Refugees in Germany

Felix Otto, a refugee from Kamerun, had to go to prison for 8 months because of this racist special law.

This case shows: It is enough.

For years The VOICE and The Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants has been fighting for this racist apartheid law. It is high time for its disappearance.

The campaign against the residenzpflicht and for the freedom of Felix Otto costs money. Money which The VOICE and the Caravan actually don't have.

We have to go to the streets, we need actions day, wide information work. Refugees have to meet regularly to co-ordinate the actions. The refugees who were victims of police controls and fines need legal (lawyers) and financial support.

We will continue our protest campaign for the abolition of the residence obligation for refugees in Germany and for the freedom of Felix Otto in Thueringen and Germnay.

At the moments all actions are being paid by VOICE-activists themselves. This is not enough for the success of a powerful political campaign. We need your help in order to stay strong on our fight against the apartheid against refugees in Germany.

Donations to the Förderverein The VOICE serve for „public benefit purpose“. A receipt for the donation can be issued.

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Freedom for Felix Otto!

We invite all of you to join us for a rally to express your support for our demands!

Felix Otto is not a criminal; he has been imprisoned on account of a racist law. We demand his immediate release from prison and the immediate abolition of the racist residence obligation law. We call on the solidarity and support of all well meaning individuals and groups to condemn the imprisonment of Felix Otto and demand his immediate release.

Freedom for Felix Otto! Abolish the Residential Restriction Law!

The residential restriction law is against our fundamental right to free movement and criminalizes us. Therefore, activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum have been resisting this racist special law for many years. With the case of Felix Otto the dimensions of this law become clear: A human being is sentenced to eight month of prison because he has left his district. This is the scandalous form of persecution and criminalisation of refugees that we must continue to protest and resist against the colonial justice of the German state on us.

It is time that we come together to discuss and act again and again, to strengthen our platform of resistance and to find the right answers to this sentence against Felix Otto.

For the refugees, that we will fight for the basic right to stay in resistance.
For you all, that your testimonies and witnesses make you become part of the resistance.

Out to the streets!

Support our campaign by your donation and help to spread our call!

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