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Reclaim your Agenda to Close down the Refugee Lagers and Break the Racist Isolation

Close down the Refugee Lagers
Demonstration on Saturday, 22. October 2011 in (Am Anger) Erfurt
Regular Meetings in Jena two times a month:
Every second and last Tuesdays of the month, at 6pm.
Place: The VOICE Refugee Forum, Schillergaesschen 5, 07745 Jena
Next Meeting: break isolation - Close down the Refugee Lagers and Camps in Thueringen!

Reclaim your Agenda - Break Racist Isolation

It's a movement to Break the isolation of refugees in Germany and to scandalize the racist persecution of refugees by the state through migration control and its instruments of residenzpflicht, deportations, social benefits and other forms of discriminatory isolation of refugee in camps and lagers.

We are planning further rallies and campaigns to demand for the immediate closure of the refugees isolation camps in Zella-Mehlis, Gerstungen and Breitenworbis and to support the call of Gangloffsömmern's refugees' demands for private housing for refugees in Thüringen.

Thüringen refugee communities are starting to discuss the possibilities of several actions with an ultimatum to reach further protest against the lagers - against the residenzpflicht pass laws, deportations, abuse of freedom of movement, against the social exclusion and against the exclusion from rights and social benefits.

Refugees in the lager are intimidated and threatened by persecution and by the abuses of the authorities in order to isolate them, especially those who openly campaigned to criticize the precarious and unhealthy living conditions and the various abuses of the refugee rights in lagers.

Refugees are saying No! to intimidations and threat of persecution especially to those political refugee activists.

LET'S join together, to take control and set the rules to protest against the racist persecutors of refugees in Germany!

Join to keep a close watch on the district authorities and to stop their culture of further isolation of the refugees even after the closure of the lagers in Thueringen!

Unite with the struggles of the oppressed against the racist persecution of the refugees in Germany and show concrete support!

During the manifestations, there will be inputs and speeches on the Break Isolation Campaign in Thüringen with the participation of groups and refugee activists from the previous and the last events, actions and campaigsn like from Apolda, Jena, Mühlhausen, Eisenach, Zella-Mehlis, Erfurt, Saalfeld, Gotha, Schmölln, Gera, Suhl, Meiningen, Hildburghausen, Nordhausen, Arnstadt and others.

The successful solidarity for the closure of isolation lagers in the last three years in Katzhütte, Gehlberg, Apolda/Strobaerstraße to the recently and now decided Gangloffsömmern, the echo of our activities in the media, active through our active/consistent participation in the campaigns, rallies and demonstrations as in Meiningen and Zella-Mehlis shows our potent and far we are reaching our goals to close the lagers as we continue to empower the strugggles for self liberation of the oppressed refugees and to support their demands seriously. We will succeed!

e urgently need regular financial support by donation. Self-liberation of the oppressed means autonomy of our struggles and political independence from the racist state structures of the authorities.

We appeal for Contributions to empower our autonomy and show your solidarity by regular support, Participation and donations!

Demonstration on Saturday, 22. October 2011 in Erfurt

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