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Frontex signs Working Arrangement with Nigeria on Deportation of Africans from Europe

Call to Abolish the Residenzpflicht! “I won’t pay a cent for my freedom of movement“ by Miloud L. Cherif in Zella-Mehlis

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Frontex signs Working Arrangement with Nigeria

Rose Uzoma, Comptroller-General,...

Warsaw, January 19, 2012 — Frontex and representatives of the Nigerian Immigration Service signed a working arrangement at Frontex’s Warsaw HQ on January 19. The Federal Republic of Nigeria was represented by Mrs. Rose Uzoma, Comptroller-General, Nigerian Immigration Service, who signed the working arrangement. Frontex was represented by Executive Director Ilkka Laitinen. Though signed by a representative of the Nigerian Immigration Service, the arrangement extends also to other Nigerian authorities and agencies involved in border and migration management, including the Nigeria Police Force and the National Agency for the Prevention of Trafficking in Persons (NAPTIP).

Ilkka Laitinen said after the signing ceremony: “It gives me great pleasure to conclude this working arrangement with such an important partner in the development of integrated border management. The mutually beneficial exchanges of information and expertise are an important element of Frontex’s approach. We look forward to working together to promote gradual development of a sustainable partnership.”

Emphasising full respect of human rights by both parties, the agreement includes provisions for the maintenance of structured dialogue as well as for the establishment of contact points in the Federal Republic of Nigeria to develop communication and information sharing in the field of border management activities of the Nigerian authorities and their Member State counterparts. Specific exchanges between Frontex and the Nigerian authorities are foreseen with Frontex’s Risk Analysis Unit, with the participation of the competent Nigerian authorities in relevant meetings. Capacity-building measures may also be undertaken with the aim of enhancing integrated border management, including in the areas of training as well as research and development activities. Representatives of the relevant Nigerian authorities may also be invited to participate in Frontex Joint Operations, in an observer capacity, to be decided on a case-by-case basis by the Executive Director of Frontex, as well as having the possibility of seconding national Border Police Officers to Focal Point Offices at the external borders of the Member States of the EU. Development is also foreseen in cooperation with Frontex-coordinated joint return operations as well as in Pilot Projects and the field of operational interoperability. The working agreement enters into force the day after its signing.

This is the fifteenth Working Arrangement Frontex has signed with the competent authorities of third countries, and the first to be signed since the Agency’s revised regulation came into force on December 12, 2011. The Agency has previously formalised cooperation with the authorities of countries including Albania, Belarus, Canada, Cape Verde, Croatia, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, the Russian Federation, Ukraine, and the United States of America.

Frontex: Accord avec le Nigeria

L'accord a été conclu le 19 janvier 2012 a Varsovie. Il est entré en force aujourd'hui. C'est le Service Général de l'Immigration du Nigéria qui a signé l'accord, mais il s'étend aussi aux autres départements engagés dans le controle des frontiers, notamment la police et l'agence pour la prévention du trafic de personnes.
Des points de contacts (contact points) devraient etre établis au nigéria.
Le Nigeria pourra désormais etre invité en tant qu'observateur sur des operations jointes, cela sera décidé au cas par car par le directeur executif de Frontex

Report from Anti-Deportation Workshop on 14.01.11 in Stuttgart
Outcome of the Workshop:
The Action days against Country embassy deportation collaboration will begin on Tuesday 8 May and end on Thursday 10 May in Berlin. A team of Refugee activist are working on the call which will be sent out for imput and futher discussion at the Nationwide preparation meeting in February.

Deportation to Nigeria
Frontex signs Working Arrangement with Nigeria on Deportation of Africans from Europe

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Report from Anti-Deportation Workshop on 14.01.11 in Stuttgart

Outcome of the Workshop:
The Action days against Country embassy deportation collaboration will begin on Tuesday 8 May and end on Thursday 10 May in Berlin. A team of Refugee activists are working on the call which will be sent out for imput and futher discussion at the Nationwide preparation meeting in February.

Report from Anti-Deportation Workshop on 14.01.11 in Stuttgart

As counter acton against the waxing menace of the EU deportation Regime, Refugees Activist from different parts of Germany met at an Anti-deportation Workshop organised by The Voice Refugee Forum on Saturday 14th January in Stuttgart.

Some Active refugees of The Voice and Caravan Network from Niedersachsen, Bayern, Thüringen, Sachsen Anhalt arrived a day ahead to discuss crucial internal issues of solidarity targeted at empowering the Baden Württemberg coordination of The Voice Refugee Forum deportation campaign and the self Organisation structure of Refugees in the Region.

The workshop is part of The VOICE Refugee Forum warm up events to the planned acton againsgt the EU war on Migration through the empowering the potential of Victims Civil disobidience as an imperative to their self - Determination. Various forms of abuses against refugees were identified and the need to focused on Political problems like Restriction of Movement (Residentzpflicht) and deportation were critically analysed with a clearification that the social problems will automatically adjust itself soon as Political issue become addressed.

Events to promote active involvement of Refugees in the anti deportation networking were highlighted with a focus to mobilise support for the action against Country embassy deportation collaboration with a call on participating refugees to take responsibility of spreading the information within their respective regions.

Guest activist were given the opportunity to share their experiences and discuss the effect of their resistance at different levels while the space was also open for other participating refugees to raise questions and suggestion.

Outcome of the Workshop:

The Action days against Country embassy deportation collaboration will begin on Tuesday 8 May and end on Thursday 10 May in Berlin. A team of Refugee activist are working on the call which will be sent out for imput and futher discussion at the Nationwide preparation meeting in February.

Participating Refugees pledged their commitments to reach other refugees and appealed for the Voice to extend such workshop to the different regions to keep the people informed.

A Refugee conference is being planned for 18.02 in Schwäbisch Gmund. The Refugees in in the process of concluding preparation nd the call will be made public soon.

Strategies of reaching new refugees at the reception center before they are summoned to a hearing of the Fedreal office for Migration just to curb the menance of the misinformation and the awareness on deportation at first hand.

We appeal to all supporting groups to help spreading the information and mobilising Refugees within their respective regions.

We shall accept any form of decentralised event to mobilise refugees in the different regions.
The Workshop participants discussed the racist control manner of the Baden Württemberthe g Police that was extended to Comrade Mihlud L Cherrif from Zehla Mehllis who was selectively picked out and controlled on his way to the Stuttgart in Heilbronn and delayed because he didnt have the so called permission from the district Office.

We demand

Stop to all forms of Racist Control
Stop the Criminalisation of Refugees

The VOICE Refugee Forum Baden Württemberg
The VOICE Refugee Forum Thueringen
Flüchtlings-innitiative Möhlau
Sudanese Refugee Community Niedersachsen
Flüchtlings-innitiative Deggendorf
Flüchlings-innitiative Scwabisch Gmund

Frontex signs Working Arrangement with Nigeria on Deportation of Africans from Europe

Program: Conference of Refugees on Deportation (Anti-deportation Workshop in Stuttgart) by The VOICE Refugee Forum

Date : Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012, Time : 10AM - 4PM
Deutsch Text:
Programm: Konferenz von Flüchtlingen über Abschiebung (Anti-Abschiebungs-Workshop)

Conference of Refugees on Deportation (Anti-deportation Workshop)

Flourishing deportation policies of European border regime has been a major horror that traumatizes refugees even beyond Europe to the extended artificial borders in home country of refugees.

Campaigns and solidarity networking have constantly mobilised resistance against such brutal policies with a view to building up solidarity structures in the destination countries of deportees.
The anti-deportation network solidarity has always been successful in its attempt to stop quite a number of deportations even at the last minute but some of these victims are later deported at a second attempt owning to the victims' ignorance that creates lapses which fails the legal and political possibilities of protection.

It is based on the aforementioned that such a workshop would be needed for victims to critically examine their self determination as an imperative against the German-European border regime and to further expose the European war on migration.

The workshop is intended to create a practical pool of information through exchanges with refugee activists with a focus to create a network of solidarity where victims see „what affects one as affecting all“ as an empowerment of their potentials for resistance.

Morealso would the workshop represent a platform for emphasis on the minimum expectation that meets legal challenges at the least - (expecially for vulnerable deportees facing forced identification with Country embassy delegation and those already in deportation prisons).

Difficulties with refugee acceptance, abuses from asylum authorities and lots more controversial issues connecting refugees' reason for flight and the further persecution in Europe will be identified in this workshop.

Concrete strategies to empower a strong anti-deportation networking amongst refugees in lagers with concrete plans for routine informative events on deportation will be projected in this workshop.

Venue : Info Laden, Lilo Herrman (Linkes Zentrum), Böblingerstr 105, Stuttgart-Heslach
Date : Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012
Time : 10AM - 4PM


Introduction: Presentation of the workshop idea/ The Voice Refugee Forum position
on deportation

Felleke Bahiru Kum (Coburg/Bayern): Self determination and resistance tactics against deportation
SalomonWantchoucou (Möhlau/Sachsen-Anhalt): Position on Embassy hearing
Miloud L. Cherif (Zella-Mehlis/Thüringen): My freedom is not for sale
Maissara Said (Hannover): Presentation on Sudan and Sudanese community in Germany
Film Show ( Clips on brutal faces of deportation)

12:30-13:30 Lunch Break

Contributions and reports: Alajie Badjie (Sinsheim), Charles Enoruwa (Schwäbisch Gmünd), Francis Agele (Deggendorf), Gabriel (Augsburg)

Podium (open questions and discussions)

Concrete events and programms of action planning and mobilisation for action against country embassy deportation collaboratory role (May demo in Berlin).

The workshop will be conducted in English language but translation is available only if you inform us soonest possible. Financial support is urgently needed to meet transport and logistic costs for the participating refugees. We shall appreciate spontaneous support from individuals or groups.

For Donation: Förderverein The Voice e.V. - Konto Nr. 127829 - BLZ: 260 500 01 – Sparkasse Göttingen – Code: BDW

The VOICE Refugee Forum
Büro, Linkes Zentrum, Böblingerstr.105,
70199 Stuttgart-Heslach
Tel.: 0176 278 738 32 - Email:



The VOICE Refugee Forum,
Linkes Zentrum, Böblingerstr.105,
70199 Stuttgart-Heslach
Tel.: 0176 278 738 32 - Email:

Konferenz von Flüchtlingen über Abschiebung (Anti-Abschiebungs-Workshop)

Die florierende Abschiebepolitik der europäischen Grenzregime wirkt auf die Flüchtlinge wie ein großer Horror und traumatisiert sie auch jenseits Europas noch bis in seine erweiterten künstlichen Grenzen in den Heimatländern der Flüchtlinge.

Kampagnen und Solidaritätsnetzwerksarbeit haben beständig den Widerstand gegen eine solch brutale Politik mobilisiert mit der Perspektive, Strukturen der Solidarität in den Zielländern der Abgeschobenen zu errichten.

Die Solidarität des Anti-Abschiebungsnetzwerks ist seit jeher erfolgreich gewesen bei ihren Versuchen, zahlreiche Abschiebungen – auch noch in der letzten Minute – zu stoppen. Doch manchmal werden die Opfer zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt bei einem zweiten Versuch doch noch deportiert, was durch die Unwissenheit der Opfer selbst verschuldet wird, die Fehler verursacht, durch die rechtliche und politische Schutzmöglichkeiten vereitelt werden.

Aufgrund der oben erwähnten Tatsachen ist ein solcher Workshop notwendig für die Opfer, um kritisch ihre Entschlossenheit zu überprüfen als zwingende Notwendigkeit gegenüber dem deutsch-europäischen Grenzregime und um den europäischen Krieg gegen die Migration aufzudecken.

Der Workshop beabsichtigt, durch den Austausch mit Flüchtlingsaktivisten einen praktischen Informationspool zu schaffen. Der Fokus liegt dabei auf der Schaffung eines Solidaritätsnetzwerks, bei dem die Opfer die Tatsache, dass das, was einen einzelnen betrifft, zugleich alle betrifft, als Bestärkung ihres Widerstandspotentials erfahren.

Darüber hinaus soll der Workshop eine Plattform darstellen, auf der auch auf Mindesterwartungen hinsichtlich gesetzlicher Herausforderungen eingegangen werden kann – insbesondere für sehr akut von Abschiebung bedrohte Flüchtlinge, die einer Zwangsidentifizierung durch Länderbotschaftsdelegationen unterzogen werden sollen oder solche, die sich in Abschiebehaft befinden.

Auch die Schwierigkeiten bei der Anerkennung als Flüchtlinge, die Missbräuche durch die Asylbehörden und viele weitere kontroverse Angelegenheiten, die mit den Fluchtgründen der Flüchtlinge und der fortgesetzten Verfolgung in Europa verbunden sind, werden in diesem Workshop aufgezeigt werden.

Konkrete Strategien, unter den Flüchtlingen in den Lagern eine wirkmächtige Anti-Abschiebungsnetzwerkarbeit zu stärken mit konkreten Plänen für regelmäßige Informationsveranstaltungen über Abschiebungen werden in diesem Workshop ebenfalls geplant.

Ort: Infoladen Lilo Hermann (Linkes Zentrum), Böblingerstraße 105, Stuttgart-Heslach

Datum: 14. Januar 2012
Zeit: 10.00 Uhr bis 16.00 Uhr


10:00 Uhr
Einführung: Vorstellung der Idee des Workshops – Die Position von The Voice Refugee Forum zu Abschiebungen

10:30 Uhr
Felleke Bahiru Kum (Coburg/Bayern): Entschlossenheit und Widerstandstaktiken gegen Abschiebungen
Salomon Wantchouchou (Möhlau/Sachsen-Anhalt): Position zu Botschaftsanhörungen
Miloud L. Cherif (Zella-Mehlis/Thüringen): My freedom is not for sale – Meine Freiheit steht nicht zum Verkauf
Maissara Said (Hannover):Vortrag zum Sudan und zu sudanesischen Communitys in Deutschland

12:00 Uhr
Filmvorführung (Videoclips über das brutale Gesicht der Abschiebung)

12:30-13:30 Uhr Mittagspause

13:30-14:30 Uhr:
Beiträge und Berichte: Alajie Badjie (Sinsheim), Charles Enoruwa (Schwäbisch Gmünd), Francis Agele (Deggendorf), Gabriel (Augsburg)

14:30-15:00 Podium (Offene Fragen und Diskussionen)

Konkrete Ereignisse und Programme: Aktionsplanung und Mobilisierung gegen die Kollaborationsrolle der Länderbotschaften bei den Abschiebungen (Maidemo in Berlin)

Der Workshop wird in englischer Sprache durchgeführt, Übersetzungen sind möglich, aber nur wenn ihr uns baldmöglichst über die Notwendigkeit informiert.

Finanzielle Unterstützung wird dringend benötigt, um für die teilnehmenden Flüchtlinge für Transport- und Logistikkosten aufkommen zu können. Eine spontane Unterstützung durch Einzelpersonen oder Gruppen würden wir sehr zu schätzen wissen.

Spenden: Förderverein The Voice e.V. - Konto Nr. 127829 - BLZ 260 500 01, Sparkasse Göttingen, Kennwort: BDW

Kontakt: The Voice Forum Baden-Württemberg, Tel.: 017627873832 , Email:

The VOICE Refugee Form Baden Württemberg,
The VOICE Büro, Linke Zentrum, Boblingerstr.105,
70199 Stuttgart-Heslach
Tel.: 0176 278 738 32,


First Announcement in German:
The VOICE Refugee Forum organisiert einen Anti-Abschiebungs-Workshop in StuttgartThe VOICE Refugee Forum organisiert einen Anti-Abschiebungs-Workshop in Stuttgart