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Stop the deportation of Osman Tigani to Sudan

Osman Tigani, a Sudanese refugee and political activist from Darfur (West Sudan) is in deportation prison in Halle right now. Tomorrow (07-02-13) he will be transfered to Dessau, and on Friday (08-02-13) is planed to be deported to Sudan, to be arrested there and then to be killed by Sudanese Security Forces.

Osman asked for asylum in 2004, but unfortunately German authorities rejected his application. And he did whatever he can to stay, but last year his case had been closed, in the authorities asked him to leave Germany.

On behalf of the Sudanese refugee community in Germany, I repeat myself again and again, Sudan is a war and conflict area, and security forces there account refugees in Europe - mainly from Darfur region - as wanted persons, and any refugee deported to Sudan, will be arrested immediately and is to be be killed.

We are strongly warning the Ausländerbehörde of Bitterfeld, the Bundesamt and the German government, from any kind of violations that Osman Tigani may face. And the German government is fully responsible for his safety and his life.

And I clearly say, if the German government decided to deport Osman it means that it will participate in his assassination in Sudan, and we will be sure that any authorities who take part in this deportation will pay for it.

It is to declare and to inform everybody, that the deportation of Osman Tijani is threatening his life.

We call on everybody to stop this deportation immediately.

Maissara M. Saeed

Hannover - Germany