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Break Isolation Action Days: 08. - 13.April in Berlin

8. Monday 12 am, at Oranienplatz World Wide Roma Movement "Let thousands of balloons fly in the sky!"

3 pm Demonstration from Hungarian Embassy, 7.30 pm
Concert at Oranienplatz Ansamblul Roma Orchestra (Gica).
Screenings of documentary videos about Roma Movement by Kenan.

9. Tuesday 3 pm Workshop with Salomon Wantchouchou: Struggle for the closing of Lagers Möhlau and Zella Mehlis with screening of video documents evening music program: open jam session from 7.30pm

10. Wednesday. 3 pm Life after Dublin 2 and 3. Meeting with Refugees from Italy. screenings and evening concert: Turgay Ulu

11. Thursday. 3 pm From Break isolation Camp to the Refugee Protestmarch.
screenings and discussion. 7.30 pm Concert: Lebenslaute

12. Friday. 11 am Discussion: Autonomy of Resistance and the Struggle of the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants: The closure of lagers. Katzhütte and the others.

3 pm The Refugee Tribunal against the Federal Republic of Germany: Screenings and music evening: Open Jam Session

13. Saturday. Solidemo in Prenzlau. Meetingpoint at Oranienplatz 9.30 am
Evening closing Concert: KKTAR

Break Isolation Strike - Refugees Liberation Bus Tour
Close down the Refugee lagers and the Deportation Prisons
The Tour is planned through Lagers and Deportation Prisons in Baden-Württemberg and Schwaben Bayern from 26th of April in Karlsruhe

Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act 2013
*April 2013 in 7 Regionen Deutschlands – Göttingen 08-09.04., Essen - NRW 09.04., Berlin and Prenzlau 08-13.04., Frankfurt 10-11.04. (Kundgebung im Containerlager Oberursel 11.04.), Hamburg 13.04., Trier 20.40 Jena / Thueringen , 22-26.04.

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We are at a crucial turning point to make refugee isolation lager HISTORY in Germany
BREAK ISOLATION Conference & Solidarity Act 2013