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Break Isolation Strike - Refugees Liberation Bus Tour
Close down the Refugee lagers and the Deportation Prisons
The Tour is planned through Lagers and Deportation Prisons in Baden-Württemberg and Schwaben Bayern from 26th of April in Karlsruhe

Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act 2013
*April 2013 in 7 Regionen Deutschlands – Göttingen 08-09.04., Essen - NRW 09.04., Berlin and Prenzlau 08-13.04., Frankfurt 10-11.04. (Kundgebung im Containerlager Oberursel 11.04.), Hamburg 13.04., Trier 20.40 Jena / Thueringen , 22-26.04.

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Workshops, Conferences and Discussions with Break Isolation Campaign Network and Refugee Tribunal platform activists

Multikulturelles Zentrum, Sat., 20th of APRIL 2013, 1p.m.
Unite against Colonial injustice and strengthening the refugee struggles means:

Freedom of Refugees' Movement
that we close down the refugee camps
that we break Residenzpflicht till it ends
that we demand for a movement against deportations

“Break Isolation Meetings in Lagers - through our chains of protest and resistance we are calling for a Break Isolation Movement to keep the authorities under permanent control and to protest against their abuses - for the empowerment of the refugee campaigns in the daily struggles of the lager communities we need a collective movement.”

World Wide Roma Movement: thousands of balloons - *8. April 2013* for Roma Community, in Solidarity with the Break Isolation Movement! Against exclusion and Isolation!

Break Isolation Conference and Solidarity Act 2013 - Input by The VOICE Refugee Forum;

Refugee Campaigns and Mobilization for the Refugee Tribunal in Berlin on 13-16. June 2013 against the abuses of the german state on refugees;

Refugee appeals to refugees in the neighbourhood lagers in order to join together and to organise our protest and

There will be rallies; demonstrations in the refugee lagers and delegations of activists visits to isolation Lager during the Break Isolation Conference in April 2013.

TRIER, Multikulturelles Zentrum, Balduinstraße 6 (near Hauptbahnhof)
Cost of transportation will be refounded to refugees.

We appeal to participants to try possibilities of cheap transportation cost.
Contact: THE VOICE Refugee Forum

“Break Isolation Strike”