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"Enough is enough" - refugees in Wolfsburg raise their voice

On the 27th of April 2013 about 150 people gathered at Wolfsburg Hauptbahnhof to stand in solidarity with the refugees of the isolation camp Wolfsburg / Fallersleben. With banners, chanting, drumming and music, they were walking through downtown Wolfsburg. A strong presence of refugee communities from the eastern Lower Saxony, Hannover, Braunschweig and Peine set a new mark in the region:

"We have suffered too long; we had to leave our country because of war, poverty and persecution. Instead of enjoying protection and to have the opportunity to rebuild our lives we are isolated from the society in Lagers, subject to discriminatory laws, limited in our movement. Many of us have become traumatized and have lost hope and courage. But those of us, who resist the organized destruction, are now out on the street. Enough is enough - we are here for all our brothers and sisters who no longer have the strength and we also see that we are becoming more. For everywhere in Germany Refugees break the isolation, engage in civil disobedience and are demanding their rights. Our demands are the closure of the Lagers, and the granting of work permits, the right to education, the freedom of movement and to stop the deportations ... "

The threat of deportation was always the tactics of the authorities to break resistance. John Moven, one of the organizers of the protest, was brought calls for demonstration to the immigration office, when he was told, that he should not organize protests or else that would lead to his deportation. "They deny us our human rights, they humiliate us and demand that we bear it in silence." Jerry Bagaza, a spokesman for the refugee community Fallersleben, said those days are over in Wolfsburg. We build a network of solidarity together with friends from Braunschweig, Hannover, Peine, Uelzen, Luneburg and other places. "We want freedom" it echoed through the streets. Alain Nkurunziza reported on racist police checks, his refusing to recognize the limitation of freedom of movement, the so-called residence obligation that left him threatened to go in prison. With the song by MC Nuri from Gifhorn "If you're caught in this Asylum- Lager, you wish for only one thing - to be a free man," the demonstration went again through the city back to the central station.

There, the powerful protest ended with the call for public observation of the lawsuit for Dumbia Brahima from Peine, on 15 May at the Braunschweig administrative court fighting for his stay. The fight goes on, whether at the Break Isolation Conference in Thuringia, the Refugee Liberation Bus Tour in Baden-Württemberg, around the interior ministers conference in Hannover, with the Lager-visits, in the protest tents, and all together to the International Tribunal in Berlin in June.

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