Malian Refugee from Lampedusa in Berlin - Interview with Ousmane Cissé

French Origin - Subtitled in English.
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Lampedusa in Berlin: We are the Refugees coming from Italy with international protection but no rights. We survived the NATO bombings and the civil war in Libya, to be homeless in Italy.

Thousands of us are now in Germany in the same conditions: no housing, no access to social help, no access to the job market. We demand a political solution: "We are here and we don't go back!". We want the right to make a living here in Germany.

If we had found possible conditions in Italy we would stay there. There was no possibility to handle anymore. Italian government at the end of march closed the programs of reception - the so-called Emergency North Africa - throwing the people basically on the street. 400-500 euro were given to each refugee with the suggestion to go away. Where? To northern Europe.

The problem is now on a european level being Germany one of the most powerful states, decision maker for the migrations and asylum policies in Europe. The DUBLIN System - with the rule that the Refugees "belong" to the first country in Europe they arrive - is aimed to deny the right of the Refugees to choose where they want to live. The same ideology that's behind the Residenzpflicht.
We join the struggle the Refugees in Germany are bringing forwards since almost 20 years within the german asylum system. The fight is one.

Break Isolation Refugee Strike and the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants put the basis for a campaign against the Dublin System and for the rights of the Refugees pushed out from Italy.

Nigerian Refugee from Lampedusa in Berlin - Interview with Bashir Zakaria

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Salvatore Fachile (ASGI) -The Ideology Behind the Dublin Regulation and Catastrophe of Asylum Right in Italy - Video Interview für juristische Migrationsforschung
(ASGI Association for Juridical Research about Migration)

Rom, 28. Januar 2012 Interview mit Salvatore Fachile ASGI
(Englisch Untertiteln - Deutsche Übersetzung hier unten.)

Fachile (ASGI Association for Juridical Research about Migration) describes the current catastrophe of asylum right in Italy, one month before the new deadline of the so-called "North Africa Emergency", denounces the ideology behind the Dublin regulation with concrete proposals and in solidarity with the Refugee Protest Movements all over Europe.