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Join us to support the Refugee Liberation Bus Tour in Baden-Württemberg and Bayern

The Refugee Community Struggle Continues
Break Isolation Strike
Help to spread it and stay informed to get involved!

Fellow Comrades,

As Refugees take on the move to liberate themselves and to keep the system on trial, we break loose from the German state isolation system and persecution. We claim back our freedom and demand our dignity.

Since the launching of the Liberation Bus Tour in Karlsruhe on 26.04.13, we have achieved quite a lot of powerful mobilisations. Hence, the empowerment of the Refugees in the Lagers that we visited got stronger. Their attempt to give testimonies in front of the camera confirms their liberation from the Fear for Freedom.

On the move, we have reached many districts like Heidenheim, Schwäbisch-Hall, Hohenlohen, Main-Tauber, Neckar-Odenwald, Mannheim, Heidelberg, Rhein-Neckar, Heilbronn, Enzkreis ignoring every form of confrontation through state machineries. “Our mission is to reach out to fellow Refugees without distraction.”

New Videos and Reports

So far, we have been successful in compelling the authorities in Heidenheim and Kunselsau to condescend to the demands of the protesting Refugees. This should send a powerful signal to Freudenstadt.

Much more is yet to come! We are striking hard to tear down all borders because human dignity has no compromise.

Solidarity is the key!!!! Left networks in Baden Württemberg must wake up to the reality of addressing the everyday racism in this society and support the move of the oppressed.

We express our strong appreciation to the very few networks and individuals from Schwäbisch Gmünd, Karlsruhe, Heidenheim, Heilbronn, Mannheim and Aufgetaucht in Heidelberg whose solidarity has been enormous and encouraging. We also appreciate the different calls and mails of solidarious support from Tübingen, Konstanz, Lörrach, Kempten etc.

20 years of Refugees persecution. Enough is enough. Together against colonial injustice!

“Drei König Lebensmittelservice” the Company responsible for the supplies of expired and unhealthy food packages for Refugees will remain in focus. We invite you to join us at Linden 22, 73529 Bertringen - Schwäbisch Gmünd on 13.05.13 to protest against their role in this persecution.

The count down to The Internation Tribunal Against Germany has started!!! Testimonies upon testimonies are being collected. The forms of persecution become clearer day by day and our self-liberation has taken its space.

Money is always needed to meet the challenges of the Tour (bus, gas, flyers, posters and banners, transportation, documentation materials etc)
Bank Info: Code: Bus Tour Bank: Sparkasse Göttingen,
Konto nr.: 127829 BLZ: 260 500 01

We need volunteering drivers and people who could help us to organise funds and who are able to take responsibilities in preparing the different events (info action and demo; 23-28 August in Augsburg, 29th May – 8th June in Stuttgart). The planned demo in Augsburg and Stuttgart needs individuals and groups who would like to join the preparation for these events.

For our immediate demands:
To live in dignity without food vouchers and isolation in the Lagers!

We demand to Stop the deportation
We demand to Closedown down the Lagers
We demand to End the restriction of movement “residenzpflicht”
We demand to Closedown the deportation prisons

We must wake up to the reality of addressing the everyday racism in this society and support the move of the oppressed in solidarity with the refugee struggles.

Refugee Liberation Bus Tour

BUS PLAN ROUTES: Refugees Liberation Bus Tour - Starts in Karlsruhe: 26-28.4. April till 08.June 2013 in Baden Württemberg and Schwaben Bayern

Update News:
Polizei schikaniert die Refugees Liberation Bus Tour: Offene Protestnote an die Grün-Rote Landesregierung von Baden-Württemberg

Schließt euch uns an und unterstützt die Refugee Liberation Bus Tour in Baden-Württemberg und Bayern!

Bank Info:
Code: Bus Tour Bank: Sparkasse Göttingen
Konto nr.: 127829 BLZ: 260 500 01

The VOICE Refugee Forum (Stuttgart) Tel.: 017627873832
Email: Internet: http://