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Refugees in Nördlingen on protest demand solidarity with their stuggle

Show solidarity to our struggle and demand freedom and justice

Video Collection of Refugee Testimony and Appeals from Liberation Bus Tour
Niedersachsen Refugee Liberation Bus Tour (16 – 22 of May 2013) Break Isolation Refugee Strike

Brother and sister, greetings from we, the refugees in Nördlingen.
We want to use this opportunity to remind whoever is reading this text that we are still on protest on the inhuman treatment we get from Germany government as refugees. we refugees from Nördlingen want the good people of germany to come and show solidarity to our struggle and demand for freedom and justice.

We need our right as refugees.
We need opportunity to work and contribute to show solidarity to our struggle and demand for freedom and justice the development of German community were we living in.
We need opportunity to go to school and to be educated.

Now because of this protest the government has began to send us treat letters telling us to go our country. They are using that to disorganize us. We are holding meetings together and plan to go on
with the protest.

We are not good back, we need freedom and we need our right.
Freedom of movement is our right and for ever body.
For nine weeks now since we start boycotting food packages and making

We need support. solidarity to the refugees in Nordlingen.

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contact......015211311734 lucky or ben...015211330778.
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