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The Refugee Liberation Bus Tour enters Bavaria today

Polizei schikaniert die Refugees Liberation Bus Tour: Offene Protestnote an die Landesregierung von Bayern

The Refugee Liberation Bus Tour enters Bavaria today

Notwithstanding, Bayern being one of the German State that has experienced massive exposition of Refugees horrible situations, Bavaria still remains the state that takes the lead in the massive persecution of Refugees.

Open Statements from the responsible State Officials and politicians identifies Baveria as the most racist state in Germany.
Baveria has continuously refused to enforce the minimum respect for the rights of Refugees.

With Campaigns upon Campaigns, refugees strike from Noerdlingen to Coburg, Neuburg, Wieden, Wurzburg, Aub, Nurnberg, Munich, Augsburg and many more, the situation of refugees in Bavaria remains very horrible.

Information reaching us from reliable sources confirms planned Massive Police confrontation to our visitationto the refugees in Bayern.
We hereby call on Refugees and non-refugees activist to be at alert for any attempt of State repression be it from the police, State Officials and their folks who are against foreigners.

We send our signal once again and denounce any attempt to obstruct our weeks long peaceful Tour.

We demand our right to freedom of expression and interaction with other fellow Refugees.

Refugee Liberation Tour 21.05.2013

Break Isolation Strike!

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