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Everywhere in these isolation-camps people lack their basic human rights - Break Isolation Strike Tour in Niedersachsen

Report from Refugee Liberation Tour in Niedersachsen, 16.-21.May 2013.

Last week, we visited prison-like refugees camps in Bramsche, Braunschweig, Hildesheim, Peine, Wolfsburg, Hamburg and Hannover to show solidarity with the people there and to mobilize to the tribunal against federal state of Germany, which will be held in Berlin next month. We, as people who had been forced to leave our homes because of different reasons and now we fight against discrimination and marginalization here together with our pro-refugee activists and supporters.

In all these camps we have heard about harassment from the administration staff, or from the security guards. Everywhere we saw the isolation, poor hygienic conditions and insufficient habitat without privacy. Everywhere in these isolation-camps people lack their basic human rights. Because they are not German they are looking for asylum and protection. We have been in the camps to discuss and document these cases of aily harassment and discrimination. We have been there to show our solidarity. And we have been there to talk about resistance. About refugees, who overcome their fear, and start to organize themselves in order to fight against this isolation, marginalization, oppression, and racism, and to publish it all over Germany.

Mainstream media does not report, or show it. Everywhere there are people who fight against these shameful conditions. People, who fight daily racism in the official authorities, like Ausländerbehörde, Bundesamt or Sozialamt. People, who fight against daily racism in streets or public transportation. People, who fight in microcosm, by showing disobedience to Hausmeister, or lagerleitung – the camp administrators, racist police control and by breaking the law of residenzpflicht.

We had mobilized for today’s demonstration in Hannover and we encouraged people to go to Berlin and participate in the tribunal against federal republic of Germany. We protest for the interest of the public, and to demonstrate against these shameful conditions, as a condemnation to the German authority for their crimes. To bring to mind that the life in the lager is unacceptable and comes along with daily violation of the basic human rights, this leads people to isolation and depression. To bring in mind that Germany as one of the richest and powerful countries is responsible for global political and security instability. Through its foreign assignment and its weapons exports that are producing more harm. Germany is also supporting repressive regimes in different parts of the world, producing situations which force people to flee homes. Paradoxically Germany benefits from its deportation machineries and its billions of Euros in the Global-Militarization of the European borders to stop migrants and refugees flow.

Here, in this country, people are being controlled, harassed and imprisoned by police because of the colour of their skin. People here in this country are being burned by fully consciousness at police stations. People are being frightened by fascist and racist groups and can not find help by any governmental body. People are being forced by physical and psychological violence to leave this country. People are sitting in deportation prisons just for resisting their deportation. People have to wait for their asylum case to be answered for years while they are living in an inhuman situation. People are being pushed into criminality through these policies in this country, people without documents are people without human rights.

We have enough of these shit! Enough of this inhuman policy! Enough of racism!

We call for immediate abolishing of these laws against refugees basic human rights.

We are in need for Innovative anti racist intervention.

We are in need for anti racist practical and realistic support!

We are in need for anti racist solidarity with self organized refugees in Germany and everywhere!

Break Isolation Strike!

Nidersachen Refugee Liberation Tour

The VOICE Refugee Forum // Die Karawane Network

Maissara M. Saeed

Hannover - Germany