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Banga stays in Berlin! Manifestation and trial against the „Wohnsitzauflage“ for Banga (Bamkali Konateh) in Gera

Manifestation and trial against the „Wohnsitzauflage“ for Banga (Bamkali Konateh), who still has to fight for his right to stay in Berlin – as a refugee in Germany who got blind by the violence of state institutions.

Banga stays in Berlin!

Manifestation for the right to have rights. As a recognized asylum seeker in Germany, where Banga lost his eyes.
At 10:30 am in front of the Verwaltungsgericht Gera (Rudolf-Diener-Straße 1).

That the social relations, in which we are forced to bear what is remaining of life, are damned ugly, is something, that more or less people want to realize. That life is for some people even more ugly, is shocking to some people more, to some less.

Banga's story is one, that could be shocking. Loosing his eyes by police brutality and prison reality, german authorities still refuse to give him his right. Having been underwent to an odyssee for medical treatment as an asylum seeker without rights, the peperspray burnt eye was medicated much too late. On the day before his follow up examination, he was sought out by police in his allocated camp, who first brooght him to the judge and then to prison, where is eye illegally was replaced by a glas eye. That happened in 2004.

In 2009 he lost his remaining eye by diabetes and the daily grind of hospial with white coats under economic pressure. As he was resisting against the placing in a retirement home as a 25 years old boy, he had to put up for 2 years with the insufferableness of being blind, in total darkness, to fall down on the way to the shower in the basement, to sit on the toilet in the shit of another people, who wanted to make fun with him, not getting any support for learning to deal with the sudden blindness, being left alone by responsibles, who, due to his own interpretation wanted to see him die: „They make a party, when I'm die.“, being exposed to the capriciousness of authorities, who wanted to read him some letters out and some not – e.g. that somebody would have told him, that he wants to hand his blindmoney over to the „Verwaltungsamt“ (administrative office), is something, that he can not bear in mind.

As in 2010 „The Voice“ got to know his story, that is somehow an allegory of institutional racism in Germany, a lawyer fought for his permit to stay and won. Short after, the aliens authority, whose most aggressive bagman of executed inhumanity towards plenty other asylum seekers was in Banga's opinion Mr. Müller, threw him out on the streets. For a blind, diabetic human being, the food supply by a catering service and the necessary medical treatment by a welfare center was cancelled stone-cold with the words, that he has to move out within 2 days or will be surrendered to police. By chance a support group was found, who organized him a flat in a small community in Berlin and took care for his wellbeing. But after he moved legally to Berlin, where he didn't know anybody, the aliens authorities Berlin and Wartburgkreis wanted to transfer him back to Thüringen 3 months later. Like a guilloutine a „Wohnsitzauflage“ was hovering above his head, just then, when he had settled in, found friends, in which he could trust, could create his home, get involved with and was able to abdicate the paralyzing boredom. That was in 2011.

Now, on august 29th 2013, the trial about the claim against the „Wohnsitzauflage“ takes place in Gera. Although Banga needs to attend regularly medical consultations at doctors or in hospital not to endanger his health and would be able to go to a blindschool since 2 years, if his residence permit finally would be granted adequately and found a circle of friends, who appreciate and love him, he should go back there, where he only found malevolence and had to experience so much suffering.

Manifestation for the right to have rights. As a recognized asylum seeker in Germany, where Banga lost his eyes.
10:30 am in front of the Verwaltungsgericht Gera (Rudolf-Diener-Straße 1).

The Freedom of movement is everybody's right!

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