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The VOICE Refugee Forum - Guideline to Refugee Protest Strike in Eisenberg Reception Camp

Who we are?

We are the activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum (a group made of people with a Refugee or Migrant background in Germany) and the Break-Isolation network (a network open for anybody who wants to support the refugee struggle in Germany). The VOICE Refugee forum is active since 1994 and the Break-Isolation network since 2008. Our aim is that the refugee in Germany gets all his/her rights as a human and a life with dignity.

We are aware of your ongoing protests against the camp in Einsenberg, the transfers to bad areas, the absence of the medical care in isolation with deportation threats and the restriction of movement...etc. You’re not alone because you’ve our support in this struggle because it is our struggle.

For a successful protest:

- Have solidarity among yourselves, you can have different opinions but at the end your aim should be a life with dignity.
- Documentation: try to collect as many as possible videos, photos, reports and interviews, use your camera or mobile phone to document your situation so to inform the outside world through the internet.
- Stay in contact with all the activists who are already in touch with you even when you leave Eisenberg to somewhere else.
- Stay strong, be patient but stay alert.

Miolud L. Cherif
The VOICE Refugee Forum
Die Karawane - The CARAVAN for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants:

Eisenberg Refugee Strikes speakout on the desperate situation in the camp 09.09.13 (English and Arabic)

Chanting "Close the Camp" Refugee Protest Strike (09.09.13)

Streik der Flüchtlinge in der Thüringer Landesaufnahmestelle in Eisenberg für u.a. Flüchtlinge vom 30.07.2013.

Weitere Infos: -

Refugee Protest against Transfer of People to a Lager in Greiz

Many asylum seekers from the Eisenberg lager shall be transferred to Greiz by tomorrow September 12th in the morning hours by 8am, but there are some of them, who are not willing to go there. They did some paper works with a statement regarding this matter and collected names and signatures of those people who refuse to be transferred to Greiz. But the lager security in Eisenberg compelled them to sign in the transfer paper, as they otherwise we will call the police for a forceful assisted transfer. That’s why some people signed in for not realizing any alternative choice. We therefor make our protest public and want to invite the public to get to know our matters and support our demands for a better solution.

The reasons that why the people don’t want to go to Greiz are:
1. That “Heim” is a lager like accommodation.
2. District authorities in Greiz are known to force voucher (Gutscheine) on asylum seekers for shopping selective food and groceries.
3. There is no privacy provided like normal homes.
4. District social authorities in Greiz are known to deny sufficient medical care for asylum seekers in case of illness.

Because of these matters we call for the public attention of German people as to join us and to create public awareness for these problems.



Refugee Protest Strike Eisenberg:
Mohammad Shatkh Najib
Abbas Khan
Raffi haddad
Khairullah shirzad
Yassine Mahmoud
Ahmadzai Islamgul

For more information about Refugee Protest in Eisenberg visit:


Mohamad S. Najeeb Rejection of transfer to Greiz from Refugee Camp in Eisenberg

Thueringer Landesverwaltungsamt
Jenaer Strasse 49 Eisenberg

z.H. Carl Krumbholz
Tel.: 0361 3773 5528
Fax: 0361 3773 5504

Az 210.2.51-2071 – 928618/13/5658935-475

Application for transfer to Jena – Rejection of transfer to Greiz

Three days before my transfer I went to the transfer room and told the officer that I want to be transferred to Jena because I have already a cousin living there. The transfer office told me that he can’t do so, because it is not a close cousin of mine. When my name appeared on the transfer list to Greiz after three days the transfer officer told me I have to sign in my transfer to Greiz. I said NO I don’t want to go to Greiz and told them again that I want to go to a place near to Jena. But the officer was speaking only German to me without translator. So I could actually not understand him. The officer then said OK and told me to sign in the paper to transfer me. I thought I was to be transferred to Jena, but the paper I signed in was actually for Greiz. After I got my papers translated, I realized the content of the paper I had signed in without understanding. I now was shocked about this transfer to Greiz instead to Jena and I asked a friend who can speak German and we went back to the transfer room. That officer there told me that he had nothing to do with it and I should apply for another transfer from there in Greiz to just get rid of me and the problem.

I strongly disagree with this kind of treatment and the lack of proper ommunication/translation.

Mohamad S. Najeeb