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Manifestion on 10 October 2013: Nigerian Refugees Call for Public Rally to Protest the Asylum Authority in Karlsruhe

Time: 16:00hrs till 19:00hrs infront of (BAMF) Asylum Authorities in dullac alle 100 Karlsruhe.

Dear fellow refugees, dear friends,

We’re here today to inform you about the protest outside of the Lager and the situation of refugees in Germany in general.

We’ve been waiting for decisions in our asylum cases for up to four years now. Like all refugees, we’ve been forced to live in Lagers since the day we arrived in Germany. We have been isolated, excluded and persecuted without minimum rights as human. Meaning, we are not allowed to work, not allowed to go school or go and move wherever we want to go even within Germany.

We’ve been protesting against this racist and inhuman Asylum politics and Lager conditions in Germany for several years now and we’re sick and tired of being told to wait, we won’t take it any longer and we call you as refugees to join us to fight against this injustice.

>> Faxkampagne für das Flüchtlingscamp in Karlsruhe!

In the Lager in Schwäbisch Gmünd our protests forced the officials and authorities to take our demands seriously. Therefore we achieved that instead of pre-made food packages we get money to buy our own food so we can decide what we want to eat. This only is very small victory in a big struggle for our basic rights, but it shows us, that it can be successful and that it is necessary to protest and we will continue to protest

Also we were able to get the attention of the public and mass media by organizing the Refugees’ Revolution Bus Tour and we toured around the whole country and visited all Lagers, had speeches there to inform refugees about our struggle and to show that we’re not willing to trust the racist German Asylum system anymore.

We are here to show you, that our protest is not only for our asylum cases, but for all the refugees in Germany! Our struggle is your struggle!

The past showed us, that the only possibility to get positive changes of our situation is protesting. If we stay calm and silent, if we stay in our lagers for years only waiting for a decision that will maybe come and may not, we won’t reach anything. The most important thing for us as refugees is to organize ourselves as the oppressed! Don’t believe the officials if they tell you, you are not allowed to protest. The only thing they want is to keep you quiet and to keep you under inhuman living conditions as refugees in Germany and away from the public. We’re not worth anything to them and they keep us like animals in the Lagers for reasons. Don’t believe them when they tell you they care and there would be no other way.

Remember that you are here for your right for asylum. You don’t need to beg for being treated like a human being, you are a human being, you need to take your right!

Join us on the street to protest against the German Lager system and the racist
European refugee politics and be part of our rally (Kundgebung) 10/10/13.
Time--16hur till 19hur address BAMF dullac alle 100 Karlsruhe.


Charles Enoruwa, Chima Osunbor und Egbo Chigozie aus der Flüchtlingsinitiative in Schwäbisch Gmünd – The VOICE Refugee Forum