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Based on the failure of the Nigerian Government under the leadership of President Goodluck Jonathan to protect its citizens home and abroad Nigerian and non-Nigerian refugees, migrants and activists in Germany have decided to continue a movement that will bring a total stop to any form of colonial injustice and further persecution of refugees and Nigerian citizens worldwide.

Due to Nigerian Government offensive role in the brutal deportation of African refugees, Nigerian and Non Nigerian Activists occupied the Nigerian embassy in Berlin on the 15th of October 2012 ( to demand the cancellation of all deportation agreements with the German State (FROTEX ESPLODE). The Nigerian embassy practically exercises the same system of undemocratic rule in Nigeria by inviting the German police to forcefully and brutally evacuate Nigerian refugee activist from their home embassy and to be arrested and detained by the German police.

Deportation is only possible if a state is ready to „take back“ the person concerned and for this purpose, the German authorities would do anything to obtain travelling certificates to deport refugees to any country they could be accepted which Nigerian Government usually do through her diplomats in Berlin by accepting and letting Africans refugees to be forcefully identify and brutally deported to Nigeria just to be financially enriched under the so called mutual agreement between Nigeria and Germany.

Nigeria Government is being colonized and controlled like a toil by the German state.
The Nigerian embassy officials are often moved from one German city to another for mobile deportation hearings which are carried out in different cities like Halberstadt, Köln, Bielefeld, Karlsruhe, Dortmund, Ludwigsburg, Düsseldorf, München etc, on monthly basis to identify refugees for deportations in an inhuman and traumatic atmosphere with the presence of massive racist German Police.

The deportation hearings are one of the abuses many activists and refugee communities are against. Many people who were summoned for mobile hearings have successfully boycotted these appointments.
Our aim is to encourage civil disobedience and resistance against deportation and all forms of persecution/s.

We want to expose the neocolonial elements of EU anti migration policy. Obligations to “take back” deportees and to control migration are nowadays a core element of cooperation treaties between EU states and African states. Germany is one of the main sponsors of Frontex and plays a leading role in forcing other countries to collaborate for deportations.
We are warning the Nigerian embassy and other embassies in Berlin to stop their corrupt deportation business with the German and other European states.

Based on this Position we are calling on Government of Nigeria to cancel every deportation agreement and collaboration with Frontex and the German State.
The obvious habit of ignoring the call for human rights again and again can no longer be tolerated hence the decision of Nigerian refugees and activists to continue to protest against the Nigerian embassy in Berlin as a signal to more offensive counter action against their deportation collaboration roles.

We demand all deportation agreements with Frontex and with the German state to be cancelled.
Stop deportation collaborations.
Stop feeding on the pains and deaths of refugees.

Schwäbisch Gmünd Refugee Initiative.