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Fax campaign for security. Recognition of human rights activist Salomon Wantchoucous asylum! 12 years of repression is enough!

Sample fax to the BAMF

Mr. Salomon Wantchoucou and his lawyer applied for subsidiary protection basing on health and political reasons to the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

Basis of the application:
He has since many years indicated to the competent, responsible authorities and courts on his steadly deteriorating health condition and political persecution, death threats. He has reported about his parentage and the situation of his family in Cotonou, Benin.

Any further delay and any further negative decision exacerbated and worsened the situation.

Mr. Wantchoucou fled from the Republic of Benin because of assassination attempts on him as a detractor and critic of the corrupt government and has been politically active since beeing in Germany. Because of his criticism against the bad governments and the living conditions of refugees, he has always been a target of different forms of threat and intimidation by the authorities of the local government of Wittenberg, as before in Cotonou, Benin.

Mr. Solomon Wantchoucou has truthfully done everything in his power, to identify himself. From the beginning, he gave correct information on his identity and parentage (Cotonou, Benin), despite that, the resposible officials of the foreigners office (Ausländerbehörde) refuse to recognize his true identity. The foreigners offices assertion, Mr. Wantchoucou would not cooperate, is just a strategy, to deny his rights and significantly to disadvantage him for the fact, that he has made the living conditions of refugees in Wittenberg and Saxony-Anhalt known to the public, by his political engagement. He has politically engaged himself against the collaboration of the embassies of the Republic of Benin and of Nigeria in Berlin for deportations and he sharply criticized the embassies behaviour. The local government of Wittenberg uses all possibilities to disadvantage him.

Solomon Wantchoucou is a member of The VOICE Refugee Forum, the Caravan for the Rights of Refugees and Migrants and a founding member of the Refugee Initiative Wittenberg, which is now called Refugees mouvement Sachsen anhalt. He has made publicly known during the last four years, the abusive treatment on refugees by the local government of Wittenberg and in Sachsen-Anhalt at large.

He took part in the protest march of refugees to Berlin.

Salomon Wantchoucou was racially attacked at the Bitterfeld station after a police check.

Salomon Wantchoucou has cooperated despite all of this concerning the identification of his identity. Let it be the invitation to the deportation hearing to face the Republic of Benin officials in Berlin or the invitation to the deportation hearing to face the Nigerian officials. He has also presented his birth certificate from Cotonou, Benin to the Wittenberg authorities.

Twelve years in repression with post-traumatic stress disorder is too much.

We demand an end to this precarious situation and a positive decision by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF).

In order to make the BAMF in advance of the decision, the seriousness of the situation clearly known, we call for:

28th November 2013 from 13 Hours
before the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees
Franken Strasse 210, 90461 Nürnberg

Based on all these points, we demand safety and security, asylum recognition and the right of residence for Mr Salomon Wantchoucou in Germany.

Activists and friends are invited to participate in the fax campaign. Fax, email campaign

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