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No Court Process against Osaren Igbinoba tomorrow, 27.11 in Erfurt

Kein Prozess gegen Osaren Igbinoba morgen, 27.11. in Erfurt.
Das Verfahren gegen Osaren Igbinoba, Aktivist für die Versammlungsfreiheit von Flüchtlingen, wurde eingestellt.

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No Court Proccess against Osaren Igbinoba tomorrow, 27.11 in Erfurt

The Erfurt’s court persecution of the activist of the Refugee Public Assembly and the court process against Osaren Igbinoba tomorrow, Wednesday, 27th of November, has been dropped and will NOT take place.

1st Court trial has been dropped and Osaren will be paid the legal cost for his lawyer.

All accusations against Osaren Igbinoba have been withdrawn and dropped obviously for fear of further scandal and to avoid higher costs of the court process for the German state. We were successful in our pressure to commit the persecutor and the judge for further investigation and to abide to the basic rights of freedom of refugee public assembly to reclaim our public space.

The attorneys’ deputy of the day of trial (not the one holding the charge in the first place) had a deal with the jugde to close it for negligence of further investigation. They talked to the lawyer of Osaren to inform him.

The original prosecutor who is responsible for state security and crimes was asked by the deputy in charge to go into deeper investigation, as there are so many witnesses against the accusations. She refused - so deputy and judge agreed to the proposal in favour of Osaren.

If found guilty Osaren Igbinoba could have been sentenced to a minimum jail term of two month imprisonment. This could have provoked a Thueringen wide campaign of protest against any such verdict.
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Back to the Future!

We are using this opportunity once again to continue to call for support and contribution to further strengthen upcoming events on Anti-Repression Campaign and to take our struggles to another level of protest against the persecution and the intimidation of the refugee movements in Germany: To reclaim our public space – to drop all the court cases and to stop the persecutions and the police brutality against the activists for refugee public assembly in Germany.

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Next court trial on public assembly of refugee activists in Berlin and Offenburg:

Aboubacar SY; (Resident in Rostock) am Amtsgericht Tiergarten, room 113 on Tuesday, 26th November 2013, 13:45h , Turmstraße 91, Berlin,
Hatef Soltani (Resident in Berlin): Tuesday, 26th, November, 2013, 14:00 Uhr, Hindenburgstr. 5, Offenburg
Mbolo Yufanyi (Resident in Berlin): Amtsgericht Tiergarten, room 572, Monday, 2nd December 2013, Turmstraße 91, Berlin
Rex Osa (Resident in Stuttgart): Amtsgericht Tiergarten, 11th December, 2013, Turmstraße 91, Berlin

Our voice will be heard by the communities and for public interest!

We want to extend our solidarity to all those who have contributed in the last 6 months since the beginning of the court trials against our activists in Berlin.

I personally would also like to share my inspiration with the activists of Fight Racism and Isolation in Erfurt who contributed to the happenings in Erfurt.

We will be having a meeting in Erfurt on Break Isolation Networking in Thueringen on the 26th November 2013 in the evening.

If you are interested in the meetings in Jena or in Erfurt please contact us by Email:,
For the update of our campaign:

Stay me all well, in Solidarity
Osaren Igbinoba; The VOICE Refugee Forum, Jena