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Presse Zeitung Artikel Konferenz Meeting - The Refugee Resistance in Germany, 1994 - 2014

The Refugee Resistance in Germany, 1994 - 2014

In 20 years of active resistance by The VOICE Refugee Forum (Germany) we have experienced that self-organized solidarity in unity is the wining key to the struggle of the oppressed people: It is our aim to fight and end the fear and insecurity of being a refugee here.
Substantial part of this has always been the fight to abolish the so called ,,Residenzpflicht" in Germany, to break the isolation of refugees and to close the lagers.

Since 1996 we have closed down more than one quarter of isolated lagers for normal housing in the cities of Thüringen. Many more refugees could fight to stop their deportations, leading to “Nationwide Deportation Stop campaigns” and international networking against Deportation. As a result of continuous racist police controls and police violence it has become our slogan to "control the police" and to fight colonial injustice in our aim. We are calling on you to share your inspiration with us.

Together, we are inspired to continue our struggles to expose the injustice of the nations, their participation and making of wars and exploitation. Those are the main reasons that play an important role in making people flee and migrate.

Our active community network is the reason we've been able to protect, defend, and fight for our civil and human rights for over decades.