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Police Brutality with dogs and Pepper spray as Refugee protest continues against CCTV in Schwabisch Gmünd

Two Refugees have been injured by the dogs as the police spry the protesting refugees in Lager. Spontanuous demonstration is on the move to city center at this moment.

Before the demonstration the Police came with force brutality with dogs and released the dogs against refugees and injured some them

"As refugees continued to demand for the removal of the surveillance camera in the laga Schwäbisch Gmünd. Refugees put a new banner cover the camera after the banners which were put several times has been removed by the Hausmeister and the administration, the Hausmeister with the administration again this afternoon were removing the banner when some refugees saw them and intervened, they call the policeefugees, one Jilius from Kamerun and Farooq Khan from Afghanistan.
They arrested four refugees including Farooq who was bitten by the dog without treatment, and one of the supporters of refugees in Schwäbisch Gmünd. They arrested two refugees naked who were inside the bathroom. Even the Heimleiterin Frau Rettermier were looking at the refugees nakedness.
The rest of the refugees marched to the city blocking the major ways until the emergency medical care came to take the one who was seriously injured by the police dogs.
Now we are at the police station demanding the release of the arrested people, they have released some, we are still waiting for all to be released. The police are holding one of the refugee's phone, because he has lots of photos and videos there." by Austin refugees initiative schwäbisch gmünd

We need your urgent support and solidarity against the Police Brutality and the Authority's abuses of refugees in Schwabisch Gmuend.
Please demand the immediate removal of the CCTV Camera from the refugee lager.
Please write via Email, Fax and Telephone. see the autority's contact address below:

Refugees protest continues as landratsamt Ostalkreis Official (Landrat Klaus Pavel and Mr Hans Michael Betz) undermine the respect for human dignity.

Refugees protest continue as landratsamt Ostalkreis Official (Landrat Klaus Pavel and Mr Hans Michael Betz) undermine the respect for human dignity.

We are Refugees and not prisoners who Mr Betz should spy on 24 hours daily.
Our resistance is aimed at liberating you and those fellow refugees who has been kept under constant fear of liberating themselves from your propaganda.
We are calling on members of OSTALB LANDKREIS to address the repressive attitude of Mr Betz and his folks and bring their old fashion culture of racism and dictatorship to order.

We are using this protest to once again make our demand clear and symbolic our unchanging demands as we take on our next line of action.

We are determined to scandalize all form of administrative repression and abuses that we face in this landkreis on a daily basis.

We have all been criminalised with pending charges of NOTIGUNG, HAUSVERBOT etc.

While many refugees have been threatened to distance themselves from us to avoid deportation, some of our comrades were forced out of the Lager with the intention to separate us and reduce our capacity to resist their repression etc.

We stand to defend our dignity even at all attempt that you excise to threaten us.

We are determined to resist even when only one man is left in the lager because our solidarity knows no distance and sees no separation.

Continue with your false propaganda, threats, criminalization, repression persecution, racial discrimination mechanisms etc.

Our freedom and dignity has no bound. Its our bonafide right and we shall not beg for it but take it by force.

Our next line of action goes beyond the lager and even Schwabisch gmuend. Nothing can stop us. Not even the brutality of state organ.

We can't afford to accept the trauma and frustration in this expected so called civilized democracy after all that has forced is to become refugees held in hostage and without rights here in Germany

Enough is a Enough

We call on nation wide solidarity to our struggle in Schwabisch Gmuend.

Contact to the Authority:

Landratsamt Ostalbkreis
Landrat Klaus Pavel E-Mail:

Hans-Michael Betz
Telefon: 07361 503-1480
Telefax: 07361 50358-1480

Landratsamt Ostalbkreis
Integration und Versorgung
Stuttgarter Straße 41
73430 Aalen
Telefon: 07361 503-1481
Telefax: 07361 503-1477

For more Info, please contact: Tel.: 01622794263
facebook: refugees initiative schwäbisch gmünd