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The Elements of Persecution and Crimes of Deportation - Invitation for 2nd-3rd of August 2014 (Preparation Meeting in Jena)

Deutsch: Die Varianten der Verfolgung und die Verbrechen der Deportation

Inputs on The Elements of Crimes of Deportation:

20 years of Refugee Resistance

Seminar and Workshops on the Elements of crimes of deportation the following on the objectives:
To evaluate our political perspectives, analyse the consequences of deportation threats in Germany and Europe and forge ahead with our quest for freedom from persecution.

How are refugees in Europe criminalised and stigmatised by the injustice of deportation?
- Refugee deportation and the crimes of political persecution of refugees in Europe
- Political persecutions of refugees through multiple violation of social and basic rights in Europe.

We invite all and sundry to discuss on:

1. Awareness about human rights abuses and persecution of refugees.
2. Crimes perpetrated during the deportation process which are used as basic machineries to scare people from self-determination (vocabulary platform of crimes see www.wikideportationcrimes [to be implemented]).
The fate of increasing number of refugees under daily deportation threats lies in the hands of the German State and we have to constantly challenge this vicious cycle in support of those who are deported and those to be deported.
How efficiently we can fight to end this colonial mentality of terror will be one of the main objectives of our discussions.

We aim to:

Denounce the constant deportation threats and end the sense of fear and insecurity which are consequencies of crimes committed through willful deportation abuses and every day violations with no end in sight.
The crimes, maltreatment and abuses can be summed up to include the following:
Violence against the victims, political persecution, arrests, imprisonment, police brutality, repression, oppression, restrictions, isolation, lager, forcing into illegalisation, terror, criminalisation, racism, murder, fascism, stigmatisation, homophobia, sexism, chauvinism, surveillance, forced fingerprint registration, exploitation, impoverishing etc.
We want to highlight on the deportation chain through the fates of those affected and also the consequences of the abuses by the crimes of forced deportation.
We shall be establishing a map of this deportation chain highlighting the responsible officers in the deportation process, their positions, how much power they wage and who controls them. The people and places, the role of the State Police, the politicians, institutions, the media, Non Governmental Organisations (NGO’s), churches will be actualized through independent investigation.

A call for an egalitarian society and for unconditional rights to residence in Germany:
All Rights here - Here we are!

We will never stop fighting the German deportation system here and everywhere!
We call for resistance against these crimes of deportations, for the abolition of deportation prisons and all structures of refugee persecution in Germany!

We are refugees from different countries and refugee communities in Germany
We want security and safety from the constant threat of deportation!

“Justice delayed is Justice denied of Justice”.
Our active community is the base we have been able to defend and protect by fighting for civil and political rights in Germany.

We insist on our freedom to live a normal life with respect for our human dignity, our privacy and family, freedom of speech, as well as our freedom of movement and association.
We demand equal access to residency and normal housing, full medical care, work permit to earn our living, education and recreation, equal rights and justice for all.

Our inspirations, solidarity, collaborations for unity and self-determination for freedom shall be revived through our struggles, strikes, and revolts and we shall overcome.
Our unity and love to live as human with dignity as is being expressed in our community engagements has enabled us to break out of the isolation in the lagers.

We hereby call on all and sundry to unite and mobilise against deportation prisons and against the illegality of deportations as we unite against deportation and against social exclusion to break the structural system of the discrimination and racism.

Every solid support is crucial for our fights to stop deportations and we call on everyone in solidarity to denounce deportations and the threats of persecution of refugees and to challenge the status quo of this hierarchical and repressive structures of the deportation regime in Germany.
Support in whatever form is solicited, be it contributions to politcal contents or criticisms, mobilisation, provision of infrastructure, arts and culture, entertainment or exhibitions, movies, photos, provision of transportation or even independent fundraising will be highly appreciated

20years of Refugee Resistance – Introductional seminar and development workshops on the elements of crimes of deportation on 2nd / 3rd of August 2014 in Jena / Thuringia

More information on the call and the suggestions for program of the 20 years anniversary of refugee resistance: (english) (deutsch)

We strongly appeal to refugee activists from all the different struggles in Germany to join and prepare ourselves for the realisation of the program of the 20 years anniversary of refugee resistance in Germany for critical evaluation to unite our solidarity on August 2nd and 3rd 2014 in Jena / Thuringia.

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