Lastring Video: Structure of Destruction - Part I on 20 years of Refugee Resistance Meeting in Jena, Germany

Structure of Destruction - Part I

The Voice Refugee forum, call for anniversary of 20 years resistance.
In August 2014, first preparation meeting took place in Jena. Refugee’s activist from different protests in Germany exchanged their experiences and information during this time.
Following the call, deportation was marked as the main target for the refugee’s movement in Germany. Hence a demand to unite solidarity was emphasized.
"Deportation is last ring of slavery chain" presented as a basic understanding to end this practice.

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By facing everyday social and institutional racism , discrimination laws , brutal state organs , isolation , criminalization , persecution , detention and deportation struggling and resisting in every presence is vital duty.

Beyond it is necessary to be at a conscious level towards a common understanding about the problems concerned.

Laws get naked, uncovered uniforms get armed; tight cells grow in any corner.
Deportation is being built as a culture to involve all individuals in the crime.
Soft rules with sharp edge make human beings like Zombies as to keep the order of persecution.

Deportation prisons come to be symbol for the political system called democracy.

Last Ring will show new perspectives of resistance and struggle against the brutal mentality of European elimination culture.

Video: Structure of Destruction