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Make a donation 750 X 20€ for 20 year anniversary of The VOICE Refugee Forum for financial autonomy – no applications

“20 years are not enough” - Unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion!
Donation call for financial autonomy – no applications but contribution from everybody who is part of the movement or sympathizer. With your solidarity donation you prove the power of unity in the movement.

750 X 20€ for 20 year anniversary of The VOICE Refugee Forum

Förderverein The VOICE e.V.
Sparkasse Göttingen
Kontonummer: 127829
BLZ: 260 500 01
IBAN: DE97 2605 0001 0000 1278 29
Stichwort: 20yrs

With your solidarity donation you prove the power of unity in the movement.

The VOICE Refugee Forum calls for anniversary of 20 years resistance and struggle against German racist laws by which the persecution of refugees is legitimized and socially normalized.

Deportation is a proof of accepted existence of state crime, which we identify as our main target to resist.

Solidarity, unity and refugee community are the main demands we are focusing as part of this event:

These keywords are result of 20 years activity against isolation and deportation practices that are the two hands of the elimination culture.

Deportation is the continuity of slavery business.

Financial independency from government guarantees the continuity of a self-empowered movement.

Fake alternative applying system is no alternative as it does more to undermine our self-determination. It devalues our information, disregards our human dignity and imposes a control mechanism just by keeping us in a race, taking our energy, wasting our time. We ignore this usual and formal way which controverts the demand for independency.

We call for our political and financial autonomy in our fight to develop and empower our demands for the next generations.

It is possible if all contribute to it.

15,000 € are a conservative estimate of the cost of preparing, mobility and implementing the five-day event.

For an estimated number of 150 -170 participants these cost would include

Travelling costs: ca. 5000

Food: ca. 2500

Printing est. 1500 Euro

Transport for the events in Thüringen 1000

Mobilisation: ca. 2000 Euro

Preparatory meetings: 3000 Euro

750 times 20 Euro would reach this sum.

750 times 20 Euro for 20 years of the existence of The VOICE Refugee Forum against deportation and social isolation - for self-empowerment and active resistance in unity and solidarity.

We welcome your contribution to 750 times 20 Euro – but we welcome also any lower and higher donation!

The VOICE, OUR VOICE will forever be OURS and can never be silenced!!!
20 Years of The VOICE Refugee Forum - 20 years Anniversary of Refugee Resistance in Germany

750 X 20€ für den 20. Jahrestag von The VOICE Refugee Forum: Spendenaufruf für finanzielle Autonomie – keine Anträge
20. Jubiläum von The VOICE Refugee Forum - 20 Jahre Widerstand von Flüchtlingen in Deutschland