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African Community Conference in Dessau - 06.01.2015

Foto: 2. Black African Conference 2008 in Dessau-Roßlau

The events are coordinated by The African Community Conference Dessau with the participation of African/Black Community

Invitation and Program: African Community Conference Dessau, 06.01.2015.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We would like to extend our best wishes and invite all our brothers and sisters, families and organisations of the African Black Community in Germany, to endorse and confirm their participation in the African Community Meeting and demonstration in commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of the murder of our brother Oury Jalloh in the police station Cell no. 5 in 2005 by German racist police, which will be taking place in Dessau on the 6th and 7th January 2015.

Please help to spread our call to the African – Black initiatives and activists for the Meeting. We demand for all support and solidarity with Oury Jalloh Memorial – Family Campaign in Dessau and Against Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation in Germany.

We also would like all activists in the community to contact and encourage other groups to join us and also to confirm their participation for the Meeting.

In Solidarity We Remain in Justice and for Dignity.

The VOICE Forum Germany (African Activist Networks) and the Initiative in remembrance of Oury Jalloh

African Black Community Meeting Dessau 06.01.2015
Tuesday, 06th January 2015

Begin at 12.00 hrs
- Introduction of participants and delegates – agenda, concerns and expectations

13.00 hrs
- Welcome Speech and introduction/actual stand of the Oury Jalloh Campaign by the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh

- Introduction of programme of the African Black Community Meeting Dessau and objectives of Meeting by Moderator


14.30 hrs
- Input: The political works and struggles of the Africans and Black community activists in Germany. The Presentation of the 2002 from the first Black Community Congress of the Self-organization of African/Black People in Germany”, that took place 18. - 20. October 2002 in

- Input: Role of the African Refugee Community Initiatives within the campaign for justice for Oury Jalloh

- Discussion on the challenges, our demands and the future activities of African Community Conference.

16:00 hrs

16:30 hrs
- Input: Institutional racism and criminalisation of African/Black refugees and migrants in Germany by African Black Community activists: The VOICE Refugee Forum, Initiative Oury Jalloh, Black Community Hamburg, African Initiative Frankfurt and other African Community Initiatives from
the different regions in Germany

- Discussion on the proposed "The African Family Campaign against Racist Police Killings and Criminalisation of Africans and Blacks in Germany and campaign for justice and dignity for Africa"

- Common perspectives on our political struggles (Memorandum of understanding - “Policy Paper” and the “Code of Conduct”) between groups and organisations present and for future participating bodies on the Yearly Memorial Ceremony for all victims of police killings:
- How we develop a brochure about the history Black Community
-Congress and preparation of a second Black Community-Congress to be held latest in 2016

20.00 hrs
Warm Food
Cultural events and night possession in memorial of OURY JALLOH while preparing for the demonstration the next day.

Wednesday, 7th January 2015
Memorial Ceremony for Oury Jalloh and all victims of police killing as to start:

14.00 Hour: Demonstration in Dessau - Central train station

The events are coordinated by The African Community Conference Dessau with the participation of African/Black Community.