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Press Release - It is already proven: Oury Jalloh – He was murdered!

"10 years of impunity after the German police murdered our brother"

Deutsch: Pressemitteilung: Es ist längst bewiesen: Oury Jalloh – das war Mord!

Press Release + To the Public

Deutschland, 2. Januar 2015

Statement as pdf Download in German und English

It is already proven: Oury Jalloh – He was murdered!

This means:
10 years of constitutional protection of the murderers of Oury Jalloh

It means at the same time:
10 years of criminalization of those, who resist against racist terror of the state

On January 7, 2005 Oury Jalloh burns in the cell number 5 of the police station Dessau in Wolfgangstraße. Very fast the entire body of Oury Jalloh is in flames. His hands and feet are chained to the ground. He lies on a fire resistant mattress in a fully tiled cell. The fire is so strong that the fingers of his left hand carbonize to ashes.

"10 years of impunity after the German police murdered our brother"

YoutubeVideo: The lighter Flame

Shortly thereafter, the state persecutor of Dessau explained to the bewildered public that Oury Jalloh must have lit the fire by himself and thus committed suicide. The family of Oury Jalloh and initiatives requested an immediate expertise as they could never believe how someone could burn so badly and carbonize without using additional fuel or other combustive agent. But not only the state persecutors, also the courts involved and experts engaged, either avoided or maliciously blocked any effort in substantial investigations. They obsessively confined their legal imagination down to the least possible but still one and only hypothesis. Over the last ten years investigative, prosecuting and legal authorities and bodies had to ignore and cover up indicative traces and furthermore exclude, destroy and manipulate evidence as far as collective falsification of testimonies of (police) witnesses. All courts up to highest levels distorted themselves beyond justice over these last ten years as to officially rule on something that could never ever have happened. They just had to obstruct official confirmation about what really happened on January 7th in 2005 in police cell number 5 of Dessau.

An independent expertise on the fire commissioned by the Initiative in Remembrance of Oury Jalloh in 2013 finally established that the use of combustive agents was obligatory for the consuming performance of the fire in question. Despite existing evidence the Federal Supreme Court of Germany in Karlsruhe put down a capstone on the top of the German legal pyramid that is mounted to protect executive murderers with impunity but also to criminalize and persecute the seekers of the truth at the very same time.

The very first voices that raised obvious questions, that protested against the deadly silence and that could never accept deceptive answers and lies, were those of Oury Jalloh’s friends from the African community in Dessau. Those were the ones who informed and supported his family. As a first reaction state authorities intensified deportation of individuals out of this community and they withdrew concession from Mouctar Bah to operate his Tele Café – the very meeting point, where resistance against the lies and the murder was set about. Regardless of the pressure the community went on to spread the truth: Oury Jalloh – He was murdered!.

Right since the beginning in 2005 state authorities never stopped to try to prohibit this slogan by legal order. Beyond that the truth should have been silenced by brute force with truncheons, kicks and pepper sprays. Physical and legal intimidations were launched to discourage people from spreading the truth which reveals and questions the essence of state in its racist tradition. This is why the mourning demonstration for Oury Jalloh in 2012 was attacked by the police in Dessau whereby several activists of the Initiative were abusively injured. After all the perpetrators are still patronized while the victims are prosecuted into the courts: in December 2014 another new trial started at the District Court of Dessau against two members of the Initiative. And again German state of police is presented in threatening posture as to newly re-enact reasons for prosecution and criminalizing procedures. This aims to distract public attention from the core matter of the case – in spelling: a human being has been burnt inside a German police cell and all institutions of state are actively engaged in covering up the truth – and furthermore to consume the resources of activists through ridiculous “legal” procedures.

According to this logic retries of police attacks on the upcoming demonstration in remembrance of Oury Jalloh on January 7th 2015 cannot be foreclosed to be a planned scenario of an escalating strategy. Murderers and their accomplices delusively shout out “Stop the Insulters!” in a twist to distract spectator’s eyes from their own crimes and as to turn around the victims of police brutality, their families and friends into putative offenders. For almost 10 years now no unbelievable lie nor false allegation have been spared by the so-called state of law as to disclaim the obvious murder in favour to worship the racist lie of a self-burning suicide.

Those who permanently seek and defend the truth are foremost the family and friends of Oury Jalloh out of the refugee communities. In the struggles to establish the cause of Oury Jalloh’s death the truth about the racist characteristics of police force and the nation of state became evident even for people outside of the community and even far before the NSU-conspiracy became apparent to the public. It was only another allegory to the refugee and migrant communities of what they had to suffer from ever since by the German state of racist law in its continuous historical succession:

Racist violence is dressed up in uniforms and robes – especially in Germany!

What do YOU stand for?

In our hearts we do not only remember Oury Jalloh but also Laye Alama Kondé, Dominique Kouamadio, Mareamme Sarr, Christy Schwundeck, Halim Dener, Achidi John and many, many others that have been brutally killed by coldblooded state executives under protection by unfailing impunity

We therefore call on everybody to support our struggle for unconditional acknowledgement of truth and justice by all means and especially to join the demonstration in tribute to Oury Jalloh in Dessau. Spread the truth about the vicious killing of Oury Jalloh, help to reveal the insulting lies and record and report apparent police attacks or abuses. This fight is aiming beyond truthfulness – it is about a human society without hatred and tatiosuperiority complex, without oppression and exclusion, without deporn and racist murder.

Only our communities as a political aware solidarity base are protection and self-defense.

Touch one - touch all

Youtube Video: 7th Jan. 2005 Oury Jalloh burned in Police cell no. 5 Dessau, Germany.

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