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Press Release by Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt: Stop Legitimating Injustice and Legitimate Justice for Refugees 2015

Lutherstadt Wittenberg, April 08, 2015

Refugees’ Manifestation for the Legalization of „Tolerated Refugees“ and to Stop Administrative Abuse!
With Refugees as Guest Speakers from Schwäebish Gmünd

Video: Schwäebish Gmünd Refugee Activists Tour and Discussions on Civil Disobedience against Imprisonment and Movement Restriction (RESIDENZPFLICHT)

Date: 16.04.2015
Time: 14:00 Uhr
Venue: Lutherstadt Wittenberg (Marktplatz)

Refugee self-organizations and initiatives are holding a manifestation to denounce an illicit practice of depriving registered refugees in their legal existence and to demand legalization of “Tolerated Refugees” that have been residing in Germany for so many years without compromise.

The demand addresses to BAMF and its 530 foreign offices in Germany. The foreign office of Lutherstadt Wittenberg implements inhuman measure that destroys our lives and perspectives and its implementations are not compatible to the Administrative Laws, Asylum Law and the German Foreign law.

The Foreign Office's inhuman measures contribute to destroy refugees’ perspective for so many years. (1)

They interdicted refugees not to work, not to make driving license, not to have bank account, not to have health insurance card, their movements are restricted, subjected to repression and oppression, exposed refugees lives to danger with deportation treats, deprived refugees their legal existence and right, used as an object of securing their own existence and work, isolated and humiliated, and those politically active are criminalized and persecuted.

They used “Cooperation” as a pretext. (2 )

These implementations and inhuman measures applied to refugees in this 21 century contributes in destroying refugees lives and perspectives, deteriorate refugees' health conditions etc, and contradicts the world's inter-dependency and globalization process that the Federal Republic of Germany profits.
Therefore, we demand the legalization of all refugees that have been residing in Germany for so many years without compromise. They should be compensated for their lives and perspective being destroyed.

Stop destroying their lives and perspectives.
Stop Legitimating Injustice and Legitimate Justice for Refugees 2015

Flüchtlingsbewegung Sachsen-Anhalt
The Caravan for the Right of Refugees and Migrant and The Voice Refugee Forum

Contact Information
Wittenberg, 017699321843
Vockerode 015225951740
Bitterfeld 015206302191

(1) Up to 10 to 17 years and even more

(2) Refugees have presented their official document but still they insisted that he or she does not cooperate

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