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Jena, 4.05.2015: Nationwide Refugee Bus Tour 20.04 - 13.05.2015 from O-Platz Berlin

The Nationwide Refugee Bus Tour 2015 which is being organized from O-Platz in Berlin will arrive in Thueringen for political exchange with refugee activists and within the isolation camps. The meetings are planned to take place in Jena and in Eisenberg on the 4th of May 2015.

There will be meetings on refugee campaign awareness and their political engagement from the viewpoints of the refugee fighters (themselves) in Germany, which will be supported and organized with activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum and Roma Community Thueringen. Interested Pro-refugee activists are also invited to the meetings.

Place of Meetings:
Haus aus der Mauer in Johannistour Jena, Begins at 11:00 Hrs till 15:00pm
With Refugees from the Reception Camp in Eisenberg begins at 16.00Hrs.

Links: Reward 2015: The VOICE Refugee Forum - The refugee political resources in Germany
Roma Community Thüringen: (

Contact: Tel: 017624568988, The VOICE Refugee Forum, Schillergaesschen 5,
07745 Jena
Personal contact: Mahmoud Yassine, Tel.: 0174 3935675,

Refugee Bus Tour - We want to talk about:
– The situation of refugees in your area.
– Your political strategies. What do you do?
– What has happened in your area over the last years?
– How is your connection to people inside/outside the Lagers?
– What are your major problems right now (personal/political)?
– How do politicians, news and neighbors react?
– Can we develop a common strategy against new asylum law restrictions, Lagers and deportation?
We want to know your answers and tell you about the last three years in Berlin.

The Schedule for the next days, you are invited to join:
Le programme pour les prochaines journees pour le tour de bus. Vous etes invitees a nous joindre:
Contact: / 015214451277

Bus Tour Schedule of dates:
19.04. Hamburg, 20.04. Rostock, 21.04. Kiel, 22.04. Bremen, 23.04. Oldenburg, 24.04. Hannover, 25.04. Hannover, 26.04. Osnabrück, 27.04. Köln, 28.04. Frankfurt, 29.04. Hanau, 30.04. Trier, 01.05. Trier, 02.05. Munich, 03.05. Regensburg, 04.05. Jena, 05.05. Sachsen? 06.05. Sachsen? 07.05. Leipzig, 08.05. Krumpa, 09.05. Halle 10.05. Göttingen 11.05. Magdeburg 12.05. Potsdam 13.05. Berlin.