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Donation for refugee community campaign to end the deportation and social exclusion in Germany

The VOICE Refugee Forum is an independent community network of refugee political activists who are fighting for the respect of our human rights in equality, freedom and human dignity:

Deportation is criminal! We Fight to stop it!!

We unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion to break the isolation culture of lager control of refugees / migrants and the deportations by detention or imprisonment, by racism and discrimination in Germany.
We stand for organized refugee grass root resistance and campaigns against the oppression and the repression of the refugee communities, including our fight against colonial injustice in Germany and Europe

For the basic existence of life, in human dignity and For Freedom of Movement

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We're entirely funded by independent donation of individuals and solidarity from people like you.

Reward 2015: The VOICE Refugee Forum - The refugee political resources in

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The VOICE Refugee Forum

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