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Mohammad Al Zoubi from Syria is under deportation threat - I am not safe in Germany

The execution of my deportation is in limbo, I am not safe in Germany
My deportation notification by foreigners' authority was supposed to be executed on 15th July 2015.

I did not commit any crime to harm anyone and I do not accept the crimes of deportation to Spain by the German police! Since I received the notice I have been searching for political support and trying to appeal against the deportation. I am seeking for an alternative housing to the refugee camp in Gerstungen to guarantee my safety. But I have not succeeded.

On my behalf and the refugee community in Thueringen, I am calling for support against my deportation.

Please read my statement:

My name is Mohammad Al Zoubi, I applied for political Asylum in Germany to reclaim my freedom and human rights.

I was born on 1/12/1993 in the city Daraa in Syria and I am from the Suni Community. I am officially resident in the refugee isolation camp in Gerstungen (Wartburgkreis/Thüringen), where I've been living since September 2014.

I came to Germany in July 2014 because of the civil war waged by the regime in Syria, especially because of the situation in my city, which suffers from devastating destruction caused by the regime's aircraft bombing and barrel bombs. This is because this region is a stronghold of the revolution, its basis, and has a large number of armed opposition fighters from the Sunni community, to which I also belong.

In Daraa I witnessed a lot of crimes, including murder, looting, rape and the persecutions of innocent citizens and victims of the war and terror in Syria. Some of my family members were killed by the bombing. This situation caused me psychological disorders; a lack of a stability sense and other symptoms show that I have a nerve disease.

The Syrian regime requested that I join the army, shortly after that my brother asked me to go to Jordan. So I moved there. He said he knew people who can secure a way for me to Europe. I obtained a passport with a visa to Spain, where I stayed in the airport for two hours and then traveled to Germany. I applied for asylum in Germany, where I've been living for one year now, to overcome my psychological crisis and insecurity, which was as a result of the war atrocities that I witnessed in Syria.

My asylum application was refused because I transited on flight route in Spain to Germany as my final destination even though I never applied for asylum in any airport in Spain before arriving in Germany.

I received the decision from Foreign Office to be deported back to Spain on Wednesday, 15th July 2015 as I strive to stay here but I am in a great fear and danger if I am deported from Germany.

I do not want to be deported to Spain or to any other country in Europe because Germany is the first country I applied for political Asylum to reclaim my freedom and human rights. I adapted myself to life here, I got to know its rules and I got to know many people, I went to school for training and for a moment I felt happy. I can not move to another country because here is where I want to live.

Germany claims itself a country of freedom, democracy and human rights. But the decision of deportation is not fair, this decision is not democratic, it is against the international law and refugee conventions for freedom of movement. It is the opposite of the human rights I expected and I demand the cancellation of this decision.

In my specific psychological situation I need peace, stability and security, I cannot stand to be chased from one place to another. The deportation threat and the fear will deepen my psychological problems. I am not a criminal, I came to this country in order to live in peace and security not to be deported back to the life of anxiety again.

I fled from war and still there is war without end! If Germany cannot guarantee my right to seek asylum what do they expect from Spain, where I have to live in homelessness, for my protection to live a dignifying life in Europe? Is the life to be refugee useless in Germany and Europe?

I am scared to be forcefully deported. I am calling on everyone's solidarity so that I can stay in peace, safety and security in this country that I became used to. I am calling on you to honor the privilege to rise up against my deportation with the support of the refugee community in Thueringen as we campaign to stop the deportation of refugees from Germany. Stopping my deportation is solidarity and human right.

Show your solidarity by support and by helping to stop the forceful deportation by Wartburgkreis administrative office.

Please intervene by sending protest letter to:
Internal Minister of Thueringen in Erfurt,
Dr. Holger Poppenhäger
Thüringer Ministerium für Inneres und Kommunales
Postfach 90 01 31, 99104 Erfurt
Steigerstraße 24
99096 Erfurt
Tel.: 0361/37 900 (Behördenzentrale)
Fax: 0361/37 93 111

Foreign Office of Wartburg Administrative Office in Eisenach,

Landratsamt Wartburgkreis
Erzberger Allee 14
36433 Bad Salzungen
Telefon: 03695 615934
Fax. 03695 615997

Mohammad Al Zoubi (Refugee Isolation Camp in Gerstungen)

In Solidarity with the Refugee Community in Thueringen

For more information contact:
Miloud L. Cherif, Tel.: 0049 (0)176 99334119