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Refugee Solidarity-Protest in Eisenach, 14.08.15, at 4pm - Against Dublin-Regulation and for Deportationstop

New Date: Friday, 14.08.2015 at 4pm.

Against Dublin-Regulation and for Deportationstop

In Solidarity against deportation with Mohammad Al Zoubi from Syria living in the Refugee Isolation Lager Gerstungen in Wartburgkreis and with all refugees on deportation threats in Thueringen.

Refugee Sodarity-Protest in Eisenach, 14.08.15, at 4pm - Against Dublin-Regulation and for Deportionstop in Marktplatz

The refugees of Eisenach and some cities around it are gathering on 14th August 2015, at 16:00, in Eisenach, Marktplatz to protest against their deportation and Dublin rules.
Most of the refugees are from Syria but there are also other refugees from different countries.
Many more refugees are made victims of crime created by deportation system by the Thueringen state without end.

„Germany claims itself a country of freedom, democracy and human rights. But the decision of deportation is not fair, this decision is not democratic, it is against the international law and refugee conventions for freedom of movement. It is the opposite of the human rights I expected and I demand the cancellation of this decision. - On my behalf and the refugee community in Thueringen, I am calling for support against my deportation“ (from: „Mohammad Al Zoubi from Syria is under deportation threat - I am not safe in Germany“, in German:
„Mohammad Al Zoubi aus Syrien ist von Abschiebung bedroht - Ich bin in Deutschland nicht sicher.“

Show your solidarity by supporting Mohammad Al Zoubi and by helping to stop the forceful deportation by Wartburgkreis administrative office.

Express your concern by intervention from anywhere you are - by telephone or by sending protest letters, faxes or emails to - Innenminister Thüringens in Erfurt, Dr. Holger Poppenhäger, Thüringer Ministerium für Inneres und Kommunales, Postfach 90 01 31, 99104, Steigerstraße 24, 99096 Erfurt, Tel.: 0361/37 900 (Behördenzentrale), Fax: 0361/37 93 111

die Ausländerbehörde des Wartburgkreises (Landratsamt Wartburgkreis Erzberger Allee 14 36433 Bad Salzungen, Telefon: 03695 615934, Fax. 03695 615997, Email: und die Unterstützung der Protestaktion in Eisenach.

Stop the deportation!
Your support is very important, especially the for people coming to the protest on the13th of August 2015 in Eisenach. This is the first action for them.

Selforganized refugee protest is the struggle of the oppressed community worldwide

Please keep informed.

In Solidarity with the Refugee Community Thueringen

Stay me well
The Refugee Community in Thueringen

For more information contact:
Miloud L. Cherif, Tel.: 0049 (0)176 99334119