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Refugees Investigate the Administrative Abuses of the Foreign Office in Germany

Investigating and documenting all the administrative abuses committed by the employers and employees of the Foreign Office will help to reduce the risk of destroying, damaging health, and perspective of millions of peoples i.e. refugees and migrants in Germany.

This includes the collaborations of our diplomatic representative in Germany and Ministries of Foreign Affairs of our home countries e.g. delegates are deceived, corrupted or are used to determine the nationality of a refugee he or she does not know. This practice always results in errors of identification and contradicts the fact that every nation or country has its own nationality laws.

Regards Foreign Office in Germany, it is believed that the Foreign Office is used as an agent of execution through its employers and employees. Although this is determined by the political circumstance of a particular local government, where the Foreign Office is situated i.e. some are more conservative, liberal,etc.

However, as an office of public service, it is believed that it supposes to serve the interest of all foreigners, migrants and refugees in view of finding solution to their problems, but this is not the case in matters concerning refugees, instead, it is used to put fear, profile good and bad, manipulate, abuse, humiliate e.g hundreds of thousands of refugees are abandoned in an isolated camps, denied working permit, impose restriction of movement on them, denied legal personality for more than ten years with the pretext of deportation.

In addition, it is a widely held view that they always refused to apply the relevant laws in view of protecting refugees or finding solution to their problem. Instead, they seek the negative interpretation of law in view of not to find a solution to their problem and this manifests when African or other refugee is concerned.

With regard to that, our self-organization, critical evaluation and position play a significant roles. It serves the public interest in a sense that, we are determined to criticize anyone and any institution that engage in the destruction of our human resources and hinders our human developments because we are refugees and live in his or her country.

Being a refugee does not mean that we should be vulnerable to all forms of administrative abuses. In other hand, we should be protected, participate in all forms of economic, social and political live. The presence of our existence matters not the racial, discriminatory or segregate profiling they impose on us.

We demand to stop denying refugees their legal personality, stop social and economic exclusion of refugees, every refugee has the rights to economic, social and political development.

Therefore, investigating all the abuses of the Foreign Office will help our society and serve the public interest.

We do not have anything but solidarity and self-determination.
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