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The Foreign Office of Wittenberg: Declaration of a Refugee's Nationality "unknown" or "undeclared" Without his or her Consent

When an employer or employee denies a refugee his or her legal personality or nationality, he or she commits an administrative crime. Especially, when a refugee declared his or her official identity.

The Foreign Office of Wittenberg is known in this practice. It abusively has declared refugees nationality as "unknown" or "undeclared" without their consent. This declaration is done by themselves. To the extent that those refugees, who presented their official document are declared false or abandoned without working permits and at the same time, impose on them the restriction of movement, denied them medical assurance card, etc. We have all the evidence.

This practice is done intentionally by the Foreign office of Wittenberg to justify its repression, inhuman treatment and to deny refugees their legal rights. Therefore, it is a crime that has to be investigated.

Therefore, it is necessary to all refugees take note now!.

To control his or her document and make sure that his or her name, date of birth, place of birth and nationality is properly written before he or she signs any document.

If his or her official declaration is not properly written, he or she has the right not to sign until it is corrected.

Always maintain the copy of your first declaration from BAMF as a substantive proof.

To file a lawsuit against the responsible employee in case of an abuse.

We demand to stop the administrative abuse of the Foreign Offices in Wittenberg!

We demand the Foreign Office to correct all their abuses now! and establish the nationality of all refugees concerned now!

Protection to all refugees!

If it continues a demonstration is not excluded in Ltherstadt Wittenberg