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Freedom now, Refugee Power Matters! Mbolo Yufanyi - Quotes on Africa and Refugee Resistance

Power is a state where you have the ability to define reality and influence the daily activities of your surroundings and the world. Africans have not been able to acquire or achieve this state. With the war being waged against us Africans, I have came to conclude that there is nothing like Human rights. He who is more powerful will define the reality in their favour by Mbolo Yufanyi, an activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum and Founder of Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment - PEACE International

Freedom now! This is an empowering statement by Mbolo Yufanyi for the oppressed worldwide! The peoples' solidarity with their community and of any particular state dictates the power. Osaren Igbinoba

Refugee Power Matters:
The VOICE Refugee Forum's perspective of refugee movement is more connected to focus on the power structures of repressions and oppression in relation to grass roots resistance movements. Osaren Igbinoba

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