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Court Hearing: The German Administrative Court will Decide on Wantchoucou's Protection or Death on 19.05.2016 in Magdeburg.

Court Hearing: The German Administrative Court will Decide on Wantchoucou's Protection or Death on 19.05.2016 in Magdeburg.

The German Administrative Court Magdeburg will determine the protection of a political and human rights activist S. Wantchoucou from the Republic of Benin. The Judge will decide on his protection or death.

In this case, the court hearing will take place at the Administrative Court Magdeburg and this is due to an appeal made by Wantchoucou's Lawyer against BAMF on subsidiary protection and deportation stop. The fundamental reason of the litigation is Wantchoucou's acute health problems that threaten his life.

The court decision will take place on the 19.05.2016 at 9.15 AM Room 11. The address is Breiter Weg 203 - 206, 39104 Magdeburg.

Therefore, all interested peoples and activists are invited to show their solidarity to a refugee activist that is oppressed for so many years (thirteen years), i.e. starting from the former local government of Zerbst to the latter local government of Lutherstadt Wittenberg, Sachsen-Anhalt, Germany.

S. Wantchoucou was born in Cotonou, Republic of Benin1 and fled his country (Rep of Benin) since 2001 because of political persecution and assassination attempt (he had previously escaped secret assassination attempt). He legally applied for a political asylum in Germany. Despite that, he was not fairly treated in the previous application procedure, i.e. the procedure was quickly closed without even a court hearing, because, he was five minute late and the Judge close the case, even the paid Lawyer was not present. He did not received a fair trial.

In that dangerous circumstance, he was quickly sent to the Benin Embassy to be recognized so as to deport him back to death, i.e. he made an operation to remove a bullet that remained in his left shoulder at the Hospital of Zerbst2.

He was not the only one as they always reject and ignore almost all asylum application from Africa with an accusation such as, "they lied", etc.

Due to the fact that Wantchoucou's state representatives, i.e. Republic of Benin, does not accept him to be deported back to death, the Foreign Office used this as a pretext to justify their abuse by denying him all his legal right with the pretext that his identity is not declared or clarified. Although, it was declared and clarified from the beginning (2001) to BAMF.

In addition, they even use language knowledge as a pretext, e.g. when a refugee from Rep. Benin or other countries speaks both English and French, they use it as a pretext of accusation without knowing why a refugee speaks different language. Although language has nothing to do with a nationality of a refugee but they use it as a pretext and this raises an open question, why do people learn English in school? and why do the Germans speaks English?

In other to cooperate, S. Wantchoucou has presented his official document (Original) from Cotonou to the Foreign Office, BAMF and to the Administrative Court of Magdeburg, i.e. The original was received in Germany from Cotonou by post and this was later presented to his lawyer, who in turn presented it to the Administrative Court for verification of authenticity. In this regard, the Court sent the document to BAMF for verification and BAMF verified and confirmed that the document was not false. This serve as a substantive evidence of his identity and contradicts and expose the abuses of the Foreign Office to S. Wantchoucou for many years.

In addition, the inhuman treatments he received, e.g. dumped in an asylum Camp, interdicted not to work, interdicted not to have money but (Voucher), isolated, criminalize, accused, humiliated and denied all his legal personality for many years resulted to the development of health problems3.

Furthermore, not only that the Foreign Office abusively sent him to different delegation hearings but also to confront his government that had previously denied him entry (2003) as a national. Instead of avoiding S. Wantchoucou to be a stateless person, they are forcing him to be stateless by denying him his legal personality and nationality4. This confrontation with his government alone has endangered Wantchoucou's life in Benin.

Thetefore, the inhuman treatment he has received from the responsible authority of the German government for so many years, contributes to an acute health problem that threatens his life and he is under medical treatment.

That is the reason why the administrative Court decision will determine his protection or death.

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1 The Nationality Code of the Federal Republic of Benin regulates the issue of its citizens by birth.
2 The Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees regulates the issue in the international community.
3 The International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights interdict such treatments.
4 The Convention on Stateless Persons and Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness regulate the issue in the international community.

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