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See Correction on Dr. Maqsud Aghayev's court hearing for tomorrow the 18.05.2016 in Apolda has been cancelled and closed

Maqsud's Court Process Will Continue!

It is a pity that we could not discuss the court hearing of the process of the foreigners' authority against Maqsud's process due to the limited time of the Break Deportation meeting last weekend. Actually the situation of Maqsud did not change as announced. There was a misunderstanding of the court decision by Maqsud himself. The court decision only confirmed officially the indefinite suspension of the court hearing which did not take place on 18.05.2016 as initially announced. That the case was closed is not true. Therefore, the Apolda foreign office's persecution of Maqsud continues in the court but the date of the next court hearing has not been fixed yet. Miloud has more information on the case. We regret the wrong information that was published about the case.

The bad news: The case will continue.
The good news: Wir will remain consistent to fight back the racist discrimination and the persecution of Maqsud by the foreigners' authority as long as it may take und we continue to call for your solidarity:

We keep you updated.

Power up in solidarity!

Dr. Maqsud Aghayev's court hearing for tomorrow the 18.05.2016 in Apolda has been cancelled and closed for good

A society in as a refugee you have to fight against your inherent criminalization is a society without respect for Human rights and Dignity!!!

Dr. Maqsud Aghayev's court hearing for tomorrow the 18.05.2016 in Apolda has been cancelled and closed for good. There will be No process or Court Hearing in Apolda. The plans of the racist Foreign Office’s Persecution by Criminalization and Deportation Threats Against Dr. Maqsud Aghayevb has failed.

We are very sorry for the delay to announce the first notification we received some hours before the Dr. Maqsud’s mobilization meeting in Jena on Thursday, 13.05. about the suspension and indefinite postponement of his court process or hearing slated for tomorrow the18.05 in Apolda.

The Good News: Dr. Maqsud received a court decision yesterday from Thueringen Administrative court in Erfurt that the case against him by the foreign office in Apolda is finally closed and the court process is not taking place again. It means the case is definitely closed forever.

We want to inform you as we raise our fists up high, in solidarity to all activists, especially to those who have supported and also to those who have shown their interest in one way or the other in our planned protest in Solidarity with Dr. Maqsud to fight persecution through the Apolda Foreign Office. We will continue to keep watch on the incessant abuses and discrimination of refugees in Apolda and Thueringen.

You all have made this positive decision possible for Dr. Maqsud and for the refugee community in Apolda, Thueringen

Dr. Maqsud is a fighter and has vowed to continue his fight and the struggle to invest in justice and humanity for all.

In solidarity

Osaren Igbinoba, on behalf of The VOICE; Die Karawane nationwide and Break deportation network Thuringen.

Dr. Maqsud A. came from Azerbaijan to Germany in 2005, he lived in Katzhütte before he was transferred to Apolda in May 2008, he is a renowned refugee activist of The VOICE Refugee Forum in Thueringen and The Caravan for the rights of refugees and migrants network from where he and other refugee activists initiated successful campaign since 2008 to protest the inhumane situation in refugee lagers and to close down the refugee isolation lager in Katzhütte. He later continued in Apolda by closing down the notorious refugee lager in Stobraer straße in Apolda in 2010.

Actual information and documentation on the struggles of Dr. Magsud Aghayev will be published on the homepages and

Break Deportation Protest in Solidarity with Dr. Maqsud Aghayev in Jena and Apolda