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1st. Refugee-Migrant Preparatory Meeting: The Injustice against Refugees has many Faces

Our Presence Reflects The Power Of Our Movement#Solidarity Networking of Refugee Communities

Appeal For Urgent Donation Needed: public donation to inspire self-organized movement of refugees#Germany

Updates and Inputs on the 1st. Refugee/Migrant Preparatory Meeting in Berlin.
7th-8th.07.2016 on Self-organization and Networking.

The main purpose of our meetings will be focused on the discussions of our experiences as activists and members of the same Community. Our coming together will be, to know each other, share ideas and evaluate impacts on Community Self- Organized Processes Of Refugee Political Struggles against oppressions. Our main agenda would be the Refugee Community Networking In Germany: Introduction to Knowing where we are, who we are and what connects us. Our Communities and goals can only be clearly defined and achieved through continuous networking.

Good news:

Less than 6 hours after the announcement of the preparation meeting, refugee activists from Hamburg, Berlin, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Niedersachsen, Thueringen, Schleswig-Holstein, Hessen, Sachsen and Bayern have confirmed their interest to participate in our meeting with 2 or more persons from each region.

The Injustice against Refugees has many Faces:

We will informed ourselves on the importance to appreciate organizing together politically and contributing potentially to the empowerment of refugee self-organized struggles against the oppressions and the criminalization in Germany and Europe in our every day life.

Call for comments and support from members of: "Refugee-Migrants Political Community Forum" First published on the 27.05.2016.

Dear activists and members,

We are privileged and inspired by your membership of this group and we will appreciate to hear your comments on and criticisms of the topics and articles published in this forum. We need your proposals as contribution to the development of this Forum.
We want to recommend that members read, discuss and reflect on the text and articles published on this Forum so as to have deeper and critical exchange on the burning topics that are relevant to the refugee-migrant community. Till now there have not been many comments by members on the texts and articles published here but we hope that more members will become more active in this burgeoning group.

The aim of the Forum is to focus our engagement on refugee empowerment and the self-organizational processes of our struggles, and to break down the socio-political and societal barriers to the full attainment of human dignity for refugees and migrants in this country. Our struggle for a society free of racism, sexism and discrimination and where everyone is treated equally is one we cannot waver from. We invite refugees and other migrants to keep it up!!!

Achieving this empowerment requires dedication and commitment to the principled positions and values that underlie our activism and actions. We have remained consistent and steadfast in upholding these principled positions and values, and in turn earned credibility and respect because we simply refused to play to the gallery or be intimidated. These are enormous political resources that will no doubt aid our continued struggle to improve the refugee-migrant communities in the cities and regions we are already active in, in Germany.

More administrators are needed for this Forum and translators in different languages like English, Arabic, Farsi, Kurdish, French and Serbo-Croatian as we would like to develop the platform in various languages. Therefore it would be important to know the „spoken languages“ of members, going forward.

We are calling on members to invite other refugees to the Forum to broaden the perspectives and participation as we keep up with the continuity of the refugee-migrants community struggles in Germany.

We would like to thank all of you for your interest in joining this platform and we invite you to take advantage of this opportunity to build a trustworthy refugee community in Germany and beyond.

Hope to hear from you soon and stay us well, in solidarity.
Osaren, The VOICE Refugee Forum Jena

You can send this link to invite other refugees you may know to join the refugee community network. Please invite only refugees to the group:
INVITATION! Great job to be proud of! Sharing is caring to connect with political refugee community struggles in Germany and Europe. Here is the link to join the group:

Please send your contribution to the group forum:

Here is a proposal for a Meeting in Berlin on the 7th and 8th of July in Berlin:

Thursday, Begins at 4pm till 9pm (Open end) and Friday, till 4pm.

Meeting of our community group in Berlin on the 7th and 8th of July with members of Refugee-Migrants Political Community Forum. Feel free to invite other refugees to the meeting.

Please read the description on the group appeal and overview of the texts and articles published on the group forum.

Other proposals for the Agenda of our meeting could be sent to the group forum for discussions to be concluded in Berlin.

The meeting is aimed to evaluate the objective description of the group Forum with discussion on:

- Decentralized refugee community Forum meetings in other cities and regions in Germany.

- Refugee communities campaigns and activities in Germany.

- Reports on urgent actions against deportation and criminalisation of Refugees.

-Which way forward for Self-organized refugees platform in Germany.

Actual program of meeting will be discussed and decided in the meeting in Berlin.

The place of meeting, Address: Magdalenenstraße 19
Bezirk Lichtenberg 10365 Berlin

Interested refugee activists can invite other refugees but should confirm their participation for logistics facilities:
- Numbers of participants for sleeping places and feeding
- Inform us in which cities or towns you are coming from and how many persons come with you.


DEMO: Wir brauchen Wohnraum! We need living space!
emonstration for Monday the 4th of July | 5 p.m. from one camp in Bornitzstraße 102 (close to S/U-Lichtenberg) to the project on Rigaerstra

The demonstrations on Saturday, 09.07 and Sundays, 10.07.2016 in Berlin:

Saturday, 09.07 Demonstration in STOP DEPORTATION - Against the „Khartoum Declaration“ process, the EU-Turkey-Deal and all deportation agreements!

Sundays, 10.07.2016 - STOP DEPORTATION OF ROMA

We are messengers and activists of “refugees and migrants political community
Refugee Political Community Movement” - For Refugee and Migrant Activism

In Solidarity, We Remain Connected