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Appeal For Urgent Donation Needed: Please support us to inspire self-organized movement of refugees in Germany

Our Presence Reflects The Power Of Our Movement: Solidarity Networking of Refugee Communities Will Unite the Refugees Struggles for their inalienable Rights Worldwide.

Regular meetings will continue:

Appeal For Urgent Donation Needed:
Please support us by public donation to inspire self-organized movement of refugees in Germany

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Regular meetings will continue:

Highlights of the Community Meeting: Networking and Working groups on the 28th -31st of July in Jena.

For Refugee-Migrants Community Activists

Place: Internationales Centrum, Haus auf der Mauer, Johannisplatz 26, 07743 Jena.
Time: Begins on Thursday, 5pm till Sunday, 2pm

Refugees are invited to send comments and Inputs on Community Meeting Networking and Working groups workshops on the 28th -31st of July in Jena.

Refugee activists are invited to present their refugee community groups' aims and objectives during our community meeting in Jena next week


Our Presence Reflects The Power Of Our Movement: Solidarity Networking of Refugee Communities Will Unite the Refugees Struggles for their inalienable Rights Worldwide.

On 7th and 8th of July 2016 the first preparatory meeting of our group forum "Refugee-Migrants Community Movement Activism" took place in Berlin. We, the refugee community, want to discuss the many faces of injustices and reclaim our natural rights!


What is our natural right?

Our presence makes the difference anywhere we are; It is worth knowing that we are all a political representation of our life experience and struggles everywhere and in any community we find ourselves.

Our political call is a legitimate struggle to empower the refugee community activism in relation to the course of our struggles in defense of the refugee public interests.

Our presence anywhere is our political space to coordinate and network on the struggles and activities that are at stake.

The power of our struggle for our existence is our presence: We will unite our differences and political resources to empower our struggles for an independent space and to protect our community.

Touch one touch all!

Regular meetings will continue:

Written information and appeals for refugee community networking and in solidarity against the abuses of refugees in the community, in the places they live will always be presented in the meetings.

We will discuss the criminalizations and the discrimination against us, to unite our struggles in our resistance with "ONE VOICE" in protest against the repressions and oppression.

We will also discuss the potential challenges in the self-organizational community struggle to regain our presence and space in our mission to connect with other refugees through deeper exchange on our political autonomy and independence.

We want to improve on the mobilization of women amongst us refugees / migrants and on the support of their struggles in the movement
Reports on refugee communities meetings in various regions should be made every 3 weeks.

Agenda July:

Preparatory group meeting on networking and social media 30th to 31st July 2016 in Jena: with working groups and workshop meeting: Working with social media, networking on urgent actions on deportation threats, deportation and housing accommodation of refugees.

Planning: We want to discuss on the development of our social media, networking and solidarity initiatives to improve the online group forum and home pages, on the organisation of a network of translators and group administration, on publications and community programs. The possible establishment of a Refugee Media Group will be part of the discussion as well as finance and transportation service for participants.

There will be critical exchange on our systematic preparatory information on our struggles against deportation and solitary and inhumane accommodations, statements of refugee protest combined with local mobilization and community network. Discussions will relate to the specific issues of refugees who needed urgent accommodation to leave the refugee "lager" home, protest against the deportation threat and deportation related to the Dublin Regulation. More information is needed from the refugees themselves on the injustices against them.
Discussion with new participants and program of meeting, on 28th and 29th July:

We will encourage all activists to meet with refugee communities in Thueringen during the meeting in Jena or make delegates visit to the camps. During the meeting in Jena, we will inform new participants about our first preparatory meeting in Berlin.

Results and conclusions from the Jena working group and written reports from the refugee communities will be presented for the 2nd preparatory meeting in North Rhine Westphalia on the 10th and 11th in September.



Preparatory meeting of the next community meeting in Hamburg in August 18/19.

2nd preparatory open meeting for Refugee-Migrant Political Community Activism: The Injustice against Refugees has many Faces: in NRW – Bochum / Wuppertal on the 10th and 11th in September.

Reports and statements of the meeting will be posted on the forum. See the call on the meeting: 1st. Refugee-Migrant Preparatory Meeting: The Injustice against Refugees has many Faces

First Appeal:
Urgently Needed! Financial support for Refugee Community MeetingS in Germany:
The Injustice Against The Refugees Has Many Faces (04.07.2016)

Hello Everyone,

We are quite engaged in the planning of the 1st preparatory meeting of the "Refugee-Migrants Political Community Movement Activism" Forum which was initiated in February this year from Jena as an on-line platform for "Refugee Self-organized Network." This initiative is not an organisation. It is an open group forum for refugee-migrants political exchange on community struggle, for self-organisation and Networking coordination in Germany.

Refugees from other regions of Germany are expected to meet with the refugees of the platform in Berlin.

We need financial support for transportation of refugees to the meetings.

The meeting will take place in Berlin on the 7th and 8th of July, next week. Further preparatory meetings are expected to take place in other regions like Hamburg, Thueringen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Sachsen, Bavaria and Baden-Wittenberg and so on.

1st. Refugee-Migrant Preparatory Meeting: The Injustice against Refugees has many Faces

The Injustice Against The Refugees Has Many Faces, as we fight and struggle to unite in solidarity with the refugee communities.

We so sorry so for the late announcement.

Stay us well, in Solidarity

"Refugee-Migrants Political Community Movement Activism" Forum

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Dringend benötigt! Finanzielle Unterstützung für Community Flüchtlingstreffen in Deutschland: Das Unrecht gegenüber Flüchtlingen hat viele Gesichter!

Hallo an alle,

wir sind im Moment recht beschäftigt mit der Planung des ersten Vorbereitungstreffens des "Refugee-Migrants Political Community Movement Activism" Forums, das im Februar dieses Jahres von Jena aus als selbstorganisiertes Netzwerk von Flüchtlingen als online-Plattform initiiert worden ist. Bei dieser Initiative handelt es sich nicht um eine Organisation, sondern ein offenes Gruppenforum für den politischen Austausch von Flüchtlingsmigranten über Community-Kämpfe, Selbstorganisation und Netzwerk-Koordination in Deutschland.

Flüchtlinge aus anderen Regionen in Deutschland werden für das Treffen mit Flüchtlingen der Plattform in Berlin erwartet.

Wir brauchen Finanzielle Unterstützung für den Transport der TeilnehmerInnen.

Das Treffen findet am 7. und 8. Juli 2016 in Berlin statt. Weitere Vorbereitungstreffen werden voraussichtlich in anderen Regionen wie Hamburg, Thüringen, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Sachsen, Bayern und Baden-Württemberg und so weiter stattfinden.

Informationen: 1st. Refugee-Migrant Preparatory Meeting: The Injustice against Refugees has many Faces (Erstes Flüchtlingsmigranten-Vorbereitungstreffen: Das Unrecht gegenüber Flüchtlingen hat viele Gesichter)

Das Unrecht gegenüber Flüchtlingen hat viele Gesichter und so kämpfen wir dafür, uns in Solidarität mit den Flüchtlingscommunitys zu vereinen.

Es tut mir sehr leid, dass die Ankündigung so spät erfolgt.

Bleibt uns wohlbehalten!

In Solidarität

Für das "Refugee-Migrants Political Community Movement Activism" – Forum:

Telefon: 0176 24568988

Please Donation // Bitte Spende:
The VOICE Refugee Forum is an independent community network of refugee political activists who are fighting for the respect of our human rights in equality, freedom and human dignity:

Deportation is criminal! We Fight to stop it!!

We unite against Deportation and Social Exclusion to break the isolation culture of lager control of refugees and by detention or imprisonment, by racism and discrimination in Germany.

We stand for organized refugee grass root resistance and campaigns against the oppression and the repression of the refugee communities, including the fight against colonial injustice in Germany and Europe

For the basic existence of life, in human dignity and For Freedom of Movement

Donation for refugee community campaign to end the deportation and social exclusion in Germany

The VOICE Refugee Forum ist ein unabhängiges Community-Netzwerk von politischen Flüchtlingsaktivist_innen, die für die Wahrung ihrer Menschenrechte in Gleichheit und Freiheit sowie für ihre Menschenwürde kämpfen:

Abschiebungen sind Verbrechen! Wir kämpfen, um diese Praxis zu beenden!

Wir stehen vereint gegen Abschiebung und soziale Ausgrenzung, um die Kultur der Isolation, des Rassismus und der Diskriminierung durch die Kontrolle von Flüchtlingen in Lagern, durch Abschiebungen und Inhaftierungen in Deutschland zu durchbrechen.

Wir stehen für organisierten Graswurzel-Widerstand und Kampagnen gegen die Unterdrückung unserer Flüchtlingsgemeinschaften und für den Kampf gegen die koloniale Ungerechtigkeit in Deutschland und Europa
Für ein Leben in Menschenwürde, für Bewegungsfreiheit

Spenden für die Kampagnen der Flüchtlingscommunity zur Beendigung
vonAbschiebungen und sozialer Ausgrenzung

Thank you all!
In solidarity,
The VOICE Refugee Forum

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