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Hamburg: "We are coming to you" – The refugee community needs you!

Foto: Refugee Community Meeting in Jena on 30.July

Hamburg: „Wir kommen zu euch“ - Die Flüchtlings-Community braucht euch!

Refugee-Migrants Political Community Meeting in Hamburg on the 18th and 19th of August 2016

Dear refugees activists in Hamburg,

"We are coming to you" – The refugee community needs you!

We will reconcile our differences and unite our political resources to empower our struggles for an independent space to nuture and protect our community.

Refugee Activists and Members of Refugee-Migrants Political Community Meeting in Hamburg on the 18th and 19th of August 2016.

We want to inform and implore refugees living in Hamburg and in other cities in Germany to support the meeting by showing/confirm their interest to participation in and contribute to the meeting. We are planning to discuss the 2nd preparatory meeting of our nationwide meeting "Refugee-Migrants Political Community Movement Activism" in September and other issues. Amongst them, the continued and intensified wars and deadly exploitation of the home countries of refugees, which are the actual causes of flight for most refugees.

Further, we want discuss the on-going assault on refugee rights in Europe and expose the hypocrisy surrounding the notion of human rights, freedom and human dignity that are often-touted as European values with the dubious and catastrophic collaborations/agreements with dictatorial governments ranging from Turkey to Sudan.

Since the last couple of years, the orchestra of „Refugee Welcome“ has serenaded the ears and heads of many in this country with sonorous tones to appease the insatiable quest of being 'helpful'. Yet, this orchestra has virtually been tone-deaf to the fate of thousands who the government is spending millions to deport to countries where their safety, security and dignity cannot be guaranteed. This orchestra has blinded-folded the zealous 'helpers' to the deliberate division of refugees by the government, as a way among other things, to weaken and diffuse the potential solidarity between refugees in this country.

We cannot allow them to fool us anymore! It is time to unite against this archaic but effective strategy of divide and rule. We must seize the initiative and together, defy the odds.

The Injustice against refugees in Europe has many faces:

By coming together, we will continue to learn from each other, develop our strength by continued self-empowerment to overcome the different faces of injustice in Europe. Most of us are victims of war, brutal and greedy exploitation. Some of us lost our families, many of us are separated from their children, wives and husbands, while countless number of us died in the journey to Europe under the watchful eyes of FRONTEX. As a result, many of us remain traumatised today. Yet, instead of being given the necessary therapeutic and other support, we are discriminated against, subjected to various forms of psychological torture, and expected to gratefully accept our unspoken label of „Untermensch“ in the name of refugees because we don't have bombs raining on us.

However, we must not give in to these challenges we must OVERCOME them by UNITING!!!

Interested delegates from refugee communities are invited and should confirm their participation.
"We are coming to you" - Those who cannot come to Hamburg can organize their refugee community meeting in their regions and inform us when we can come to you.

More information on the program of the meeting, place and contact persons will be published on this group forum.

Protocol of Refugee Community Meeting with activists of The VOICE Refugee Forum in Jena, Saturday, 30.07.2016

Regular meetings will continue:

Appeal For Urgent Donation Needed:
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