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Oury Jalloh Campaign: "When Exposing a Crime is treated as committing a Crime, You Are Ruled By Criminals."

Oury Jalloh Campaign: "When Exposing a Crime is treated as committing a Crime, You Are Ruled By Criminals."

On the 7th of January 2005, 2 African brothers Oury Jalloh and Layé Alama Kondé, were murdered by German Police in Dessau and Bremen (Germany) respectively.

The murder of Oury Jalloh is not singular nor is the perpetrator of the crime individual. It was a collective, systemic and systematically State-organized crime that still goes unabated.

The LIVES of Africans/Black people and also other minorities do not matter in Germany/Europe

Come to Dessau and fight for the lives that don’t seem to matter.

7th January, 2017 at 14.00 O’clock at the main Train station in Dessau.

12 years have passed since Oury Jalloh and Layé Alama Konde were murdered in police cells in Dessau (with both hands and feet tied to tiled walls and floor) and Bremen (through poisoning) respectively. It's only through the tireless struggle of a few activists and networks that we have succeeded in getting a glimpse of collective and organized criminality on the part of the German State, in the clearing up of evidence in both cases, which definitely proved that these brothers were murdered.

For Oury Jalloh, the official prosecutor’s thesis of suicide has been disproved by various facts and indices while some activists that have been behind the case have been unjustly prosecuted and are still being persecuted with repeated police violence during demonstrations as a consequence.

The same day in Bremen, another African fatally succumbed to emetics forcefully administered to him by German police. In all these years, none of the trials against policemen, that were only opened up after immense pressure, led to an enlightenment on the circumstances of both Oury Jalloh and Laye Alama Konde’s deaths.

This continuous colonial reality, reflected through organized killing of to be Migrants in the Mediterranean, the deportation practices, the investigations against relatives of the victims of NSU or the rise of the AfD and other right-wing entities in Germany and Europe makes it more important than ever for us to come together to challenge and fight these evils of the 21th Century.

Remembering and fighting for justice for Oury Jalloh, Layé Kondé, Mariame Saar, Christy Schwundeck, Dominique Kuomadio (the list goes on) and all the others is a matter of self-defense.

The more united we are in challenging and defending ourselves and values against these monsters of the 21th Century, the more we expose the cracks of a world order and systems that have failed Humanity and will destroy Humanity if we do not stop them.



Call and Press statement of The VOICE Refugee Forum Network
Berlin, 22.04.2014
"When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are ruled by criminals." This is why we desperately need System change in Germany.